Newsletter Newsletter 3/2005 Polish Summer Camp 2005
Newsletter 3/2005
Polish Summer Camp 2005

The Taekwon-do Sport Club of Lublin (LSKT) and Polish Taekwon-do Association were an organizer of Central Summer Camp in Poland.

The camp attended 250 participants form (BAT Bełchatów, CTŁ Łódź, Cz AT Czestochowa, Dragon Janów, KTT Łódź, Lewart Lubartów, LSKT Lublin, ŁKT Lęczna, Orient Libidza, PSKT Poznań, RKT Radom, Śląski Klub Taekwon-do, TSC Białystok, Tyska Szkoła Taekwon-do, WKT Poznań, MKT Milejów, 34 from Irland, 1 person from England, 6 persons from Slovakia and 1 person form Russia (Oleg Novomlinov, V Dan).

Below the report of Stephen Cooley from his first Taekwon-do Camp in Poland:

"The Irish Taekwon-do Association sent 32 representatives to the Summer Training Camp in Nowa Ruda, South-Western Poland, organised every year by the Polish ITF. Accompanied by Mr. Stephen Cooley (V Degree) and Mr. Mark Buckley (V Degree), 30 red and black belts of varying ages took this unique opportunity to train with current and future European and World Champions from all over Poland.

The journey began on Wednesday 29th of June, flying from Dublin to Prague, 200km from where the camp was being held. We were met at the airport by Ania Siwinska from LSKT Lublin, who had generously made the 8-hour round-trip to welcome us to Poland. We arrived at the camp at 1am, to be greeted by Mr. Tadeusz Loboda, President of the All Europe Taekwon-do Federation and Mr. Jerzy Jedut (VI Degree), whose students have achieved approx. 300 European and World Champion titles.

The Polish National Team are not forced to attend the camp, instead they are encouraged to take a couple of weeks 'off' and play other sports in order to rejuvenate in preparation for the World Champs. We were still fortunate to have Joanna Lipa, current -63kg World Champion and Malgosia Rogaczewska, -70kg World Champion training with us. And looking at the other students you could definitely see some future champions in the making.

The camp is split by age and grade into six groups with different instructors taking the classes. Our group of approximately 50 blue, red and black belts was taught mostly by Mr. Jedut. It was instantly clear to everyone that training in Poland is tough, but always enjoyable. Every warm-up was completely different, ranging from games of Tag to pretending to be an elephant!

A key theme in each of the sessions was leg strength. At the end of each class every student had to do a minimum of 100 turning kicks, 50 side kicks and 25 axe kicks without once touching the ground! Both legs! There were also a number of exercises at the wall, extending and holding kicks whilst Mr. Jedut corrected foot and body positioning.

On the Tuesday night, Jarek Suska, 13-time European Champion in patterns, performed a demonstration of his breathtaking leg strength and speed. He began with a demonstration of the IV degree pattern Moon-Moo. Then, using a volunteer from the crowd he executed dollyo chagi, yop chagi and bandae dollyo chagi, (turning kick, side kick and reverse turning kick) among others, with power and precision. He even kicked a bottle of the volunteer's head with a twimyo bandae dollyo chagi (jumping reverse turning kick), blindfolded!! He also performed these techniques on a pad to show just how powerful they can be. Mr. Cooley was the lucky volunteer who held the kick shield!

After a week of hard training, everyone's feet were in bits! Just try explaining the words ‘plasters’ and ‘strapping tape’ to a Polish pharmacist! There weren't many places to spend your money in Nowa Ruda, but we were amazed by how cheap everything was, especially when you converted from Zloty to Euro. Dinner out cost about €4.00!

On our last day, Wednesday 6th July, we managed to fit in the morning class and lunch before getting the bus to Prague. Before we left we were surprised and grateful to find food packages prepared for each of us to take on our trip! Our hosts were so hospitable and made us feel so welcome, we only hope we can return the favour in the future. "

Stephen Cooley, Ireland

Rich galery of photos is also avialable on the website of "Lewart" Lubartów:

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