Newsletter Newsletter 3/2006 XI Taekwon-do Camp in Nowa Ruda
Newsletter 3/2006
XI Taekwon-do Camp in Nowa Ruda

Central Taekwon-do Camps in Poland were brought into being under the initiative of two leading Taekwon-Do clubs, MKS Lewart Lubartów under the leadership of Mr. Jerzy Jedut and Lublin Sport Taekwon-Do Club under the leadership of Mr. Tadeusz Loboda.

The camps are organised in order to achieve ten key objectives, which are:

Many participants of central camps later became members of the Polish National Taekwon-Do Team and enjoyed much more individual and team competitive success.



The central camps were designed to be very good value for money, with good food, basic accommodation and maximizing the time spent on teaching all aspects of ITF Taekwon-Do.

Initially the only purpose of the camp was Taekwon-Do training, as time progressed, the scope of the camps was broadened to include other highlights and attractions; excursions, other sports, movies, different games. The reputation and fame of central camps spread beyond the Polish borders and now they should be called International Central Taekwon-Do Camps.

This year the summer camp was held from the 26th of June to the 5th of July in Nowa Ruda Slupiec. 210 people, including 31 competitors from; Belgium, England, Ireland, Malaysia, Russia and Slovakia took part in the camp and had a very enjoyable visit. Also two guests from Sweden, Petra and Slavek Dydiszko stayed for one day at the camp.

At left: Pascal Raeijmeakers (left) (Belgium) with Stuart Aleksander Aroyo I Degree (England);
At right: Irina Starchenkova III Degree (right) - both competitors form Russia.
At left: second left Piotr Kulig (Poland), Ciaran Ryan (Ireland) and Pascal Raeijmeakers (Belgium)
At right: Competitors from Russia.

The competitors from Poland representing 18 clubs were:

  1. Belchatowska Akademia Taekwon-do
  2. Centrum Taekwon-do Lódz
  3. Kielecki Klub Taekwon-do, Kielce
  4. Klub Taekwon-do ITF Szczecin
  5. Klub Taekwon-do Tradycyjnego, Lódz
  6. Klub Wschodnich sportów walki „Taewo” Warszawa
  7. Lubelski Sportowy Klub Taekwon-do
  8. MKS ”Lewart” Lubartów
  9. Milejowski Klub Taekwon-do, Milejów
  10. MUKS Skalka-Slask, Swietochlowice
  11. Poznanski Sportowy Klub Taekwon-do, Poznan
  12. Radomski Klub Taekwon-do, Radom
  13. Rybnicki Klub Taekwon-do „ Feniks-Arete” Rybnik
  14. Starachowicki Klub Taekwon-do, Starachowice
  15. TKT „Lechmed” Torun
  16. Taekwon-do Sport Club „ So-san”, Bialystok
  17. UKS Pyzdrska Akademia Taekwon-do, Pyzdry, near Poznania
  18. Warszawska Akademia Taekwon-do „ Hwa – Rang” Warszawa

The table below present the history of central camps.

Central Taekwon-do Camp
  Winter Summer
  Date Place Date Place
 1. 02.02 – 11.02.96 Olsztyn 28.07. – 07.08.96 Olsztyn
 2. 26.01 – 06.02.97 Olsztyn   Olsztyn
 3. 1998   I session 27.06 - 06.07.98
II session 06.07 - 15.07.98
 4. 25.01 - 04.02.99 Olsztyn 26.06 – 05.07.99 Krasnik
 5. 2000   03.07 – 12.07.00 Krasnik
 6. 2001 16.07 – 26.07.01 Krasnik
 7. 27.01 - 05.02.02 Krasnik 30.06 – 09.07.02 Pulawy
 8. 28.01 - 06.02.03 Krasnik 30.06 – 09.07.03 Presov, Slovakia
 9. 17.02 - 26.02.04 Lubartów 18-27.08.2004 Lubartów
 10. 17.01 - 26.01.05 Lubartów 28.06 – 07.07.2005 Nowa Ruda Slupiec
 11. 31.01 - 09.02.06 Wisla 26.06 – 05.07.2006 Nowa Ruda Slupiec

Report about camp by Ms. Sabina Mason and Ms Nicola McCutcheon:

"This year the summer camp was held in Nowa Ruda, in the South West of Poland. It is beautiful location in the mountains and as well as Taekwon-Do training participants could take day trips to Prague and othher near by palces of interest of 210 participants, the majority were from Polish clubs but there were also competitors from Ireland, Slovakia, Russia, Belgium, Sweden, Scotland, Malaysia.

There were 2 training sessions each day and excellent indoor pool facilities avaiable. In the evenings after supper most students would participate in self defence classes with Mr. Anfinogenov and then play games in the sports hall. There was also the opportunity to have a one to one consultation with mr Jedut, Mr Suska or one of the other instructors to improve technical aspects and movements. Most black belt trainings were led by Mr. Jedut. They included a veriety of exercises, from games, sport drills, technical movements, strength and speed work.

Mr Loboda, Mr Suska and Mr Anfinogenov took the majority of colour belt and junior sessions and also some of the black belt classes.

After ten days training we were an very tried but felt we had learnt a lot and were really inspired. We hope to take this motivation with as back to Ireland."

Rich galery of photos is also avialable on the website of "Lewart" Lubartów:

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