Newsletter Newsletter 3/2007 12th Central Taekwon-Do Camp
Newsletter 3/2007
12th Central Taekwon-Do Camp

This year the season of competition was exceptionally long. Therefore the organizers of the Central Summer Taekwon-Do Camp were not sure how many participants will take part in the next edition. The parallel camps organized by other clubs worked against the central camp. The camp was held for the third time in Nowa Ruda Slupiec from June 26th to July 5th, 2007. There were 248 participants, and between them all 66 people from 4 countries: Russia, Belgium, Ireland and England. One more time it turned out that for the real students sport is not enough and they don’t miss any opportunity to perfect their skills and techniques and also to spend some time in the company of similar enthusiasts of Taekwon-Do.


The organizers – Lubelski Sport Taekwon-do Club and MKS Lewart Lubartów have prepared exceptional interesting offer of different attractions.

  1. First of all small shop where the people could buy two sorts of commemorative t-shirts, Top Ten equipments – doboks, belts, gloves, foot protectors and so on.
  2. During the camp few competitions were organized for example swimming and table tennis. The hit of the camp was volleyball tournament. Between all groups from different clubs the team of all staff of the camp achieved a crushing victory.
  3. The participants could also enjoy the tourist attractions in the neighbourhood. Some excursions were organized for example to the Mine Musem in Nowa Ruda, to the Klodzko city, to the Rock City in Czech Republic, to Prag and to the old chapel and the mountains viewpoint Sowia Gora.
  4. The price for accommodation in double and triple rooms with TV, connected in studio with the toilet and full bard in Swedish table system was really affordable. The participants could also use big sport hall from 8am till 12pm, the basketball hall from 8am till 10.30pm, swimming pool with attractive slide, grassy fields and big area of the Sport Center in Nowa Ruda.
  5. The disco with professional DJ was really good to break down international barriers.
  6. Over 150 DVD’s with national and international competition were at disposal of the participants.
  7. What was the most important a lot of and much more trainings, individual consultation and never ended conversations on different subjects.
  8. And for all - people.

All those things made the unique atmosphere of the camp.

Mr. Jedut, Mr. Loboda, Mr. Suska reciving the commemorative plaques from Mr. Jasiński (first on the right)

At the end of the camp as always everybody got the certificates of participation, and the best in each organised competition got the diplomas. Unexpectedly Mr. Loboda, Mr. Jedut and Mr. Suska got the plaque from Mr. Robert Jasiński from Traditional Taekwon-do Club in Lodz, on the occasion of 10 years jubilee of his participation in Central Camps. They were moved almost to tears. Much more classic figure took part in the summer camp. Some of them are currently instructors, as for example Piotr Kulik, Robet Jasiński or Krzysztof Krawczyk who came again to the camp this time from Scottland where he is currently training by Mrs. Julia Cross, 3rd Dan (many times World Champion) in South Queensferry Taekwon-do Club in Edinburgh. In actual fact many people had their own jubilees. Everybody sat reminiscing with sentiment the participants of different editions of the Central Taekwon-do Camps, later members of the Polish National Team, medalist of tournaments on different level.

The twelve edition of Central Sumer Taekwon-do Camp was held from June 26th till July 5th 2007. In the camp took part competitors from the following club from Poland:

  1. MKS Lewart AGS Lubartów
  2. LSKT Lublin
  3. LECHMED Toruń
  4. POEUN Stargard Szczeciński
  5. SZCZECIŃSKI Klub Taekwon-do
  6. KWSW TAEWO Warszawa
  7. Poznański Sportowy Klub Taekwon-do
  8. UKS Pyzdrskie Centrum Taekwon-do
  9. Klub Taekwon-do Tradycyjnego
  10. Arete Rybnik
  11. Centrum Taekwon-do Łódź
  12. Bełchatowska Akademia Taekwon-do
  13. Rzeszowski Klub Taekwon-do

The health care for the participants was made 24hours a day by a nurse employed by the organisers. Fortunately there were no any serious injuries.

The next Central Summer Taekwon-do Camp will by already in one year.

More pictures on the website of MKS Lewart Lubartów:

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