Newsletter Newsletter 3/2008 Report from 13th Central Summer Camp
Newsletter 3/2008
Report from 13th Central Summer Camp

From June 30th to July 9th in Nowa Ruda Slupiec (South West Poland) was held the 13th Summer Central Taekwon-do Camp. 230 participants representing 9 countries (Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, England, New Zealand (competitors from Extreme Taekwon-do Club and Impact Taekwon-do Club), Latvia, Russia, Canada and Poland took part in this camp.

Poland was represented by the competitors from 15 below mentioned clubs:

  1. Lubelski Sportowy Klub Taekwon-do
  2. MKS „Lewart” AGS Lubartów
  3. KS „Hwarang” Warsaw
  4. KWSW „Taewo” Warsaw
  5. Feniks Arete Rybnik
  6. TKT „Lechmed” Toruń
  7. KS Husarz Krakow
  8. PSKT Poznań
  9. UKS Pyzdrskie Centrum Taekwon-do
  10. WAT Wrocław
  11. Rzeszowski Taekwon-do Club
  12. Belchatowska Akademy of Taekwon-do
  13. Traditional Taekwon-do Club in Lodz
  14. Centrum Taekwon-do Lodz
  15. And some competitors from the local club MKST Bystrzyca Klodzka.
Left: MKS Lewart Lubartow. Right: Lubelski Sportowy Klub Taekwon-Do
Left: Klub TKD Tradycyjnego Lodz. Right: Rybnicki Klub TKD.
Left: Taewo and Hwa-Rang Warszawa. Right: TKT Lechmed Torun.
Left: Poznanski Sportowy Klub TKD. Right: Bełchatowski Klub TKD.
Left: Canada. Right: Centrum TKD Lodz.
Left: Ireland. Right: Latvia.
Left: New Zeland. Right: Russia.
Left: Belgium. Right: England.
Left: UKS Pyzdrskie Centrum TKD Pyzdry. Right: Russia and New Zealand.

The training staffs were:

The participants of the camp could enjoy each day 2 training session and every evening self defense classes as well as individual classes with chosen instructor. The also have the swimming pool, play fields and different games on which they could spend the time between trainings. Some people took the advantage of this opportunity and visited Prague - the capitol of Czech Republic, Rock City in Czech Republic, Klodzko City, to the Mine Musem in Nowa Ruda, and to the old chapel and the mountains viewpoint Sowia Gora. Those excursion were optional for participants.

On the official website of ITF New Zealand you can reed very long and interesting account of competitors from New Zealand who visited the Central Taekwon-do Camp in Poland for the first time: Or you can read it below.

Mr. Jarosław Suska

Quote from the ITF New Zealand official website:

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