Newsletter Newsletter 1/2009 Comradely Lesson
Newsletter 1/2009
Comradely Lesson

2nd Edition of „Comradely Lesson” conducted by Andrzej Undro, 4th Degree took place on 10th January 2009, from 4.00 p.m to 8.00 p.m and on 11th January 2009 from 10.00 a.m to 2.00 p.m in sports hall of Wroclawska Akademia Taekwon-Do, headed by Andrzej Undro. For the second time Mr. Undro has shared his huge knowlegde and experience in games for Taekwon-Do practicioners.

40 instructors and coaches from Poland took part in that lesson, besides them Mr. Parviz Mamedov - President of the Kazakhstan Taekwon-do ITF Association and Mr. Sylwester Tyrakowski from Canada, a many-yeared assistant of Master Choi Jung Hwa, attended this event as a guests.


Comradely Lesson - List of Participants
 No. Name Rank Club/School
 No. Name Rank Club/School

All participants enjoyed the lesson because through having a lot of fun they were learning new things.

During that time Mr. Andrzej Undro presented many games he had shown at his first edition (see a report from that event and many new interesting ones.

In addition, participants could acquaint with the board-games created by Mr. Andrzej Undro.

Every attendant was given author’s programme of Mr. Andrzej Undro that consists various range of exercises, which for sure, will be very helpful for every coach and instructor. They will also got a DVD with their own performance from this lesson.


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