Newsletter Newsletter 3/2009 Last Summer Camp in Nowa Ruda
Newsletter 3/2009
Last Summer Camp in Nowa Ruda

For the 14th time Lubelski Taekwon-do Sport Club with MKS Lewart AGS Lubartow organized Central Summer Camp in the term 29.06-08.07.2009. It took place in Nowa Ruda Słupiec, a picturesque village in the South West of Poland. As every year the classes were conducted by the best teachers: Master Tadeusz Łoboda, VIIth Degree, Master Jerzy Jedut, VIIth Degree, Mr. Jaroslaw Suska - Vth Degree, Mr. Robert Jasiński –Vth Degree,; Mr. Sławomir Kamola, IVth Degree.

These experienced teachers and positive feedback from previous camps are the main reason why there were 218 participants from 9 countries: Belarus, Belgium, England, Ireland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Russia and Poland. Not everyone could attend the whole camp, so Mr. Ladislav Hunday, coach of Slovakian National Team, Mr. Miroslaw Bakalarz from Germany and Sylwester Tyrakowski from Canada came to Nowa Ruda as the guests just for the weekend for consultation, because it is known that even such a short visit at is developing Taekwon-do skills. We also host a coach of Polish Female National Team, Mr. Grzegorz Ozimek, who because of so many people from Poland couldn’t resist and took the chance and observed their work.

During the assembly meeting Master Loboda and Master Jedut divided attendants into 5 groups according to the age and level of advancement. Just from the start it was obvious that everyone is eager to learn Taekwon-do from the best and that they can’t wait the following day to start training.

All the people were obliged to take part in at least two training sessions a day. In the evening they could have taken part at self defence classes. They were conducted by Mr. Slawomir Kamola, who is a specialist in that field. He is a member of the special antiterrorist group, so every day he meets dangerous criminals and takes part in many police actions. He also conducts self defence for women in Lublin. His classes were very popular among students, because he presented not only the theoretical knowledge but primarily showed a lot of practical tricks of hosin sul. The second option for the evening self-improvement were individual consultations. The teachers patiently were answering all the questions dissolving all doubts of students till the late night hours.


Besides Taekwon-do trainings everyone could go swimming twice a day, play many ball or board games, sunbathing or take part in many excursions to go sightseeing this beautiful region. There were organized trips to Prague - the capital of Czech Republic, Sandstone Rock City, Ardspach in Czech Republic, Klodzko City, the Mine Museum in Nowa Ruda and underground mysterious city called Osówka. The weather was great, what made all outdoors activities were very popular.

Apart from above activities participants could have just watched or recorded films from the most important Taekwon-do events, e.g from European Championships and World Cup.

Mr. Pascal Raeijmaekers from Belgium brought a wonderful surprise. He with his family, especially his daughter, Miss Pauline Raeijmaekers made “a photo book” from Summer Camp in Nowa Ruda, held last year. Everyone watched it with interest and boundless joy, looking for their faces on the photos.

This year participants of Central Summer Camp shared dormitory and sports hall with practitioners of Capoeira, a martial art which is a combination of sparring and dance elements.

On Sunday evening, 5th of July 2009, both Taekwon-do and Capoeira prepared a short demonstrations of their sport discipline. The Sports Hall in Nowa Ruda gathered a lot of people interested to see this show. Both groups were excellent. They presented what is the best in these two martial arts. Atmosphere was great, the audience as well as participants had a really great time.

This was last summer camp in Nowa Ruda. Organizers will change the venue next year. Since today, you are invited to the upcoming camp. We are looking forward for your participation!

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