Newsletter Newsletter 3/2010 Summer Camp in Biala Podlaska 2010
Newsletter 3/2010
Summer Camp in Biala Podlaska 2010

Fot. Pascal Raeijmaekers

In the term 2nd – 11th July 2010 for the fifteenth times there was organized the Central Taekwon-Do Summer Camp.

The small city Biala Podlaska (Poland) was the venue of the event, see the information dated 18th May 2010 In the summer camp took part 215 fans of the Korean martial art and self-defence representing 12 nationalities: Belarus, Belgium, England, Ireland, Kenya, Latvia, Norway, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, US and Poland. Seventeen-member delegation from Belarus was led by Mr. Leanid Rachkovsky, Executive Director of Belarusian Public Taekwon-Do Association. Among them there were three well-known coaches and competitors: Mr. Vitali Mikhelson 4th Degree, Mr. Oleg Pronevich 3rd Degree and Mr. Leanid Savich 1st Degree.

Belgium was leaded by Mr. Emmanuel Fantacci, 5th Degree, Vice-President of ITF Belgium. Our good friends and habitués Mr. Pascal Raeijmaekers 4th Degree and his wife Mrs. Kristel Pylister passed on to the organizers two photo books documenting the Summer Camps 2008 and 2009 in Nowa Ruda. The albums made huge impression and everyone could admire them at the camp office. Pascal has a unique gift for recording exceptional situations. At the end of the camp he passed on all pictures he took during the stay in Poland for the needs of our archives.

This time Master Tom Denis from England, who usually takes part in each camp, went with his team to Jamaica and US to participate in the Gold Cup and US Open. Due to the fact that he sent five-member group of students to the camp, who involved themselves admirable in each class.

Fifteen people from Ireland arrived under the leadership of Mr. Pat Barry 6th Degree and Mr. Mark Buckley 6th Degree. Among the Irish participants there were the instructors and competitors like Mr. Donal O'Donoghue 4th Degree as well as famous not only for her skills, but also for disarming smile, Ms. Sabina Mason 2nd Degree.

Norway was represented by two nice girls, Thea Johanne Ness currently living in England and Silje Kjeldsberg.

President of Kenya International ITF Taekwon-Do Federation, Mr. Richard Kenge David who amazed everyone his unbelievable stories attended the camp for the last three days.

The Vice-president of Latvian Taekwon-Do ITF Association, Mr. Jury Yershov, 5th Degree led the group from Latvia.

Never fed up with Taekwon-Do Mr. Yury Gromov and Mrs. Yulia Gromova with their group from Russia, arrived directly from Russian camp and as soon as our was finished have gone to Bulgarian Taekwon-Do camp.

For the first time students from Spain participated in the summer camp. Mr. Alejandro Veyssiere, 5th Degree, Mr. Alberto Barsemanto, 3rd Degree and Mr. Maximiliano Malaga, 1st Degree captivated all the girls’ hearts. They liked Poland so much that they decided to stay in Cracow for a week longer and declared to come back next year with larger group.

Photo: Pascal Raeijmaekers

Group from Ukraine was led by Ms. Iryna Kuznetsova, 3rd Degree, instructor and a famous Ukrainian competitor who was European Champion in individual sparring up to 52 kg at Euros 1994, and European vice-champion in individual pattern 2nd Degree in 1995 as well as Ms. Iana Chumacheko, 3rd Degree, instructor and competitor.

The US was represented by Michael Cieslak, and his father Miroslaw.

List of participants from abroad
 # Name country
 # Name country

Poland was represented by 136 participants from 21 clubs among them many competitors and coaches, who not only conducted the classes but also participated in them actively. List of participant clubs:

1. BKST „Sonso” Bytom, 2. Centrum TKD ITF Wrocław, 3. Centrum TKD Łódź, 4. Feniks „Arete” Rybnik, 5. Green Sport Club Lublin, 6. KAT Kraśnik, 7. KTT Łódź, 8. LSKT Lublin, 9. MKS „Lewart” AGS Lubartów, 10. MKS „Żak” Biała Podlaska, 11. MKS RAT Radzyń Podlaski, 12. MUKS „Stoczek 45” Białystok, 13. PSKT Poznań, 14. Pyzdrskie Centrum Taekwon-do, 15. RKT Radom, 16. RKT Rzeszów, 17. SKS Start Olsztyn, 18. SSKT „Garda” Warszawa, 19. TKT „Lechmed” Toruń, 20. WAT „Hwarang” Warszawa, 21. WSKT Wrocław.

Apart of training session conducted by the well-known coaches from Poland as Master Jerzy Jedut 7th Degree, Master Tadeusz Loboda 7th Degree, Mr. Jarosław Suska, 5th Degree, Mr. Robert Jasiński 5th Degree and Mr. Sławomir Kamola 4th Degree in the summer camp took part leaders of many Polish clubs: Mr. Robert Rusiniak 5th Degree from Poznanski Sportowy Klub Taekwon-Do, Mr. Michal Cytryniak 3rd Degree from Centrum Taekwon-Do Łódź, Mr. Marcin Grzybowski 1st Degree from Pyzdrskie Centrum TKD, Mr. Bartłomiej Zydroń, 1st Degree, RKT Rzeszów, Mr. Sławomir Listkiewicz 2nd Degree and Mr. Artur Rogalski 2nd Degree both from HwaRang Warsaw or Mr. Henryk Lewandowski 2nd Degree from Green Sport Club Lublin.

Fot. Pascal Raeijmaekers

There were also present famous competitors, medallists from competition on national and international level, among them: Anna Dąbrowska (SKS Start Olsztyn) Junior World Champion 2009 in sparring up to 55kg and Junior World Champion 2009 and European Champion 2010 in individual special techniques, Anna Olszak (MKS RAT Radzyń Podlaski) Junior European Champion in individual pattern or other members of Polish Junior National Female Team like Kaja Moskaluk or Justyna Szajuk (both from MKS Lewart Lubartów). There were present also strong Polish competitors like: Monika Wiater 2nd Degree (MKS Lewart AGS Lubartów) – Polish Champion in pattern 2nd – 4th Degree, Anna Siwinska 3rd Degree (LSKT Lublin) competitor up to 58kg, Mariusz Cieślik from LSKT Lublin and Piotr Szałkowski from Feniks Arete – two of the best competitors in the category up to 71kg, Karol Bernaciak (CTKD Łódź) – Polish Champion in power test and many others.

List of participants from Poland
 # Name Surname club
 # Name Surname club

Due to the fact that the camp was held in the Faculty of Physical Education in Biała Podlaska for the disposal of all participants was sports complex including acrobatics gym, athletics track as well as specialised hall with mirrors where during the classes everyone could correct mistakes and improve their technical skills. Additionally, participants have a 25-meter long swimming pool with the recreational part at their disposal twice a day. In Jacuzzi or on the waterslide everyone could jump at the chance to relax their tired muscles.

There were organized two excursions to Kozłówka and Lublin. The biggest impression made the visit in the State Museum at Majdanek, founded on the grounds of the former German concentration camp, but the participants also enjoyed the Lublin castle, the Old town as well as the Archcathedral of St. John the Baptist.

In the little spare time left, participants took part in consultations, self-defence classes conducted by Mr. Sławomir Kamola or team games. Some preferred watching Mundial 2010.

Photo: Pascal Raeijmaekers
Everyone was accommodated in the campus of the university in each room was the fridge, TV set and free Internet connection what enabled everyone to be up-to-date with all information from the world.

Extremely high temperatures and lack of the rain let to enjoy the sunny weather, but was also additional burden to all contestants.

Fot. Pascal Raeijmaekers

Classes with Master Jerzy Jedut were as always very popular among participants. During the camp, he conducted 33 trainings sessions and 25 hours of individual consultations. At the trainings sets Master Jedut presented a wide range of new exercises regarding functional and senso motor training. He gained this knowledge on the seminar in Chorzow and adjusted it to the needs of Taekwon-Do.

Photo: Pascal Raeijmaekers

Traditionally there was the volleyball competition organized at the end of the camp, where the group of staff coaches were the winners, also thanks to the great doping of all participants.

Most of the participants were satisfied of Biala Podlaska as a new place for the Central Summer Taekwon-Do Camp and already enrolled for the edition next year.

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