Newsletter Newsletter 4/2010 ITF-Belgium Challenge Cup 2010
Newsletter 4/2010
ITF-Belgium Challenge Cup 2010

The 2010 ITF-Belgium Challenge Cup consists of 3 tournaments, all of them open for coloured and black belts, youth, juniors and seniors.

The first tournament was held on May 16th, with competition in tul and sparring. There were about 68 participants, mainly youth. The second part was organised September 19th, and the 90 participants competed in tul, teamtul, special technics and teamsparring. The third competition will be held on November 14th. The appr. 90 competitors have the chance to compete in tul, sparring an pre-arranged sparring.

Also in 2011 the Challenge Cup will be organised. It's the ideal opportunity to have competition in disciplines like e.g. teamsparring, as on other championships there's no time for this.

All of the championships in the Challenge Cup have a friendly athmosphere in which fairplay and friendship are the most important issues.

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