Newsletter Newsletter 3/2011 16th Central Summer Camp in Poland
Newsletter 3/2011
16th Central Summer Camp in Poland

AETF reporter
Katarzyna Rozwadowska

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The 16th Central Taekwon-Do Summer Camp in Poland was held in Biala Podlaska between the 4th and 13th of July 2011. The organizers of this event were two leading Polish clubs: LSKT Lublin and MKS Lewart Lubartow. During this year very famous training camp 206 Taekwon-Do enthusiasts from eleven countries took part representing Belarus, Belgium, England, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, and 17 clubs from Poland. Among them many well-known competitors, instructors and champions.

The organizer of Central Summer Camp can boasts of their very professional instructors team which consisted of:

Master Tadeusz Łoboda
VII Degree, President of All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation (AETF) and Polish Taekwon-Do Association, member of International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) Board of Directors, chairman of the Coordination Committee for Affiliation of Taekwon-Do to Sport Accord and author of ‘ Quadrathlon Taekwon-Do ITF’ (the book promoting Taekwon-Do ITF as an original sport, martial art, self-defense and developing organization, published recently for the Sport Accord Convention), founder and chief Instructor of LSKT Lublin Club, author of training programs for instructor and referee courses, former Polish National Team Coach (1985-1990), coach of well-known competitors and champions.
Master-Class with Master Łoboda
Master Jerzy Jedut
VII Degree – Secretary General of All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation and a member of AETF Technical Committee, Vice-President and chief of the technical matters of Polish Taekwon-Do Association, former Polish National Team Coach (1987-1995), President and chief instructor of MKS Lewart Lubartow; best Polish club, teacher of many renowned TKD competitors, Polish, European and World Champions.
Master Jedut during training sesion
Mr. Jarosław Suska
VI Degree, five times World Champion IV-VI Degree patterns and seventeenth-time European Champion in patterns, best Polish and European technical practitioner, instructor of MKS Lewart Lubartow.
Mr. Jarosław Suska during training session
Mr. Robert Jasiński
V Degree, instructor of Traditional Taekwon-Do Club of Łódź, one of most talented TKD coaches amongst young generation in Poland, teacher of Polish Champions.
Colour belts during training session with Mr. Jasiński
Mr. Sławomir Kamola
IV Degree, an expert of self-defense, policeman, member of the special antiterrorist group, see the News
Self-defense session with Mr. Kamola

Mrs. Małgorzata Łoboda and Mrs. Joanna Munzadi took care of the organizational matters. Master Łoboda also received much help from his students: Mr. Mariusz Cieslik (III Degree) and Miss Anna Siwińska (III Degree).

Miss Anna Siwińska and Mr. Mariusz Cieślik during training session

Below is the list of participants from abroad:
 # Name, Surname Country
 # Name, Surname Country

Participants from Polish Clubs:
 # Name, Surname Club
 # Name, Surname Club

The camp was held at the Faculty of Physical Education in Biała Podlaska, a medium sized city situated in East Poland (36 km from Polish border with Belarus). People were accommodated in the campus of the university. Every room was equipped with a fridge, TV, free access to the internet and some of which also got washing machines.

Campers were divided into five groups depending of their age and level of technical advancement. Everyone had two training sessions a day as well as additional self-defense classes with Mr. Kamola every evening and a Master-Class conducted by Master Łoboda for III Degree and above. Master Jedut and Mr. Suska were available until late for individual consultations for anyone who wanted improve their patterns or particular techniques. They spent many hours teaching, correcting, answering all questions and giving priceless advice. In addition there were one training session for adults and one for kids conducted by Mr. Andrzej Undro (IV Degree, chief instructor of WAT Wrocław) during which he promoted games including board games he invented himself.

Training with Mr. Undro

Apart from the practical part of the camp, the participants also had the opportunity to watch videos from seminars with Gen. Choi Hong Hi, European and World Championships and other top international tournaments.

Besides the Taekwon-Do training everyone had the chance to go swimming, play board games or play games at the sports facilities that were made available for everyone. There was also organized an excursion to Lublin and a German Nazi concentration camp ‘Majdanek’.

Campers visiting Headquarter of Polish-Taekwon-Do Association and All Europe Taekwon-Do-Federation

During the camp, competitions in table tennis, swimming and volleyball were held amongst those attending. Below you will find the results of all the tournaments:

Furthermore there were some interesting researches conducted by scientists during the camp. Father Ph.D. Sławomir Bylina (the priest) conducted a survey called ‘Religious and moral attitudes of teenagers practicing Taekwon-Do’, MA Joanna Burdzicka-Wołownik – performed a survey in the field of psychology, Ph. D. Barbara Długołęcka - worked on a study of the physiology of sports effort and Ph. D. Tomasz Niźnikowski – looked into the balance studies on the platform of a strain gauge.

Traditionally the camp ended with an exam conducted by Master Jerzy Jedut. It was a big day for three students; Agata Zbierska (LSKT Lublin) was promoted from 2 to 1 kup, Daniel Dobiński (KTT Łódź) from 4 to 3 kup and Joanna Karczmarczyk (SSKT Garda Warszawa) from 9 to 8 kup.

Grading; Agata Zbierska, Daniel Dobiński, Joanna Karczmarczyk

The final impression of the 16th Polish Summer Central Taekwon-Do Camp was very positive. Everyone improved tremendously in fitness, techniques and sparring. It was really extremely worthwhile training camp to attend. I would like to congratulate and thank Master Tadeusz Łoboda and Master Jerzy Jedut for giving a great opportunity to meet other Taekwon-Do enthusiasts, and gathering the many talented and famous competitors of Taekwon-Do in one place. The participants definitely look forward to coming again next year!

More photos at soon.
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