Newsletter Newsletter 1/2012 Undro's seminar for Russian instructors
Newsletter 1/2012
Undro's seminar for Russian instructors

A few years ago Master Tadeusz Loboda told me about Mr. Andrzej Undro, a Polish instructor from Wroclaw city, who have many innovative and interesting methods of teaching Taekwon-Do with the use of different games. I have heard the best words about Mr. Undro and his methods so I started to find time to visit him. This became possible in December 2011.

Me and Yuriy Gromov - my friend, who likes also traveling all over the world for learning Taekwon-Do, took all the way by car from Moscow to Wroclaw.

The visit was very interesting and worth long traveling. Mr. Andrzej is a very creative man. He has invented more than 600!!! various games each of them specially created to develop different physical abilities such as strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination. Adding those games to your Taekwon-Do classes will make your training sessions much more interesting and funny at the same time it will surely increase your training results.

Also the training center of Mr. Andrzej Undro is something that is worth seeing! It is mostly like a special, well organized laboratory to promote Taekwon-Do. And of course I have to say that Mr. Andrzej went even farther! His classes are not ending within the training hall. One of his creative innovations are the motivation cards. Those are games that students carry with them everywhere including home and school. This is an excellent idea to increase the motivation and to increase the numbers of the members in the schools. I have learned a lot of new things during this seminar and I hope to share those ideas with all Russian instructors.

I strongly recommend it to everyone.

Mr. Lazos Tsilfidis
The President of All Russia Taekwon-Do Federation

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