Newsletter Newsletter 3/2012 Summer camps in Europe 2012
Newsletter 3/2012
Summer camps in Europe 2012

Historically many countries/associations and clubs have summer camps in Europe and a lot of activities in ITF-Taekwon-Do during the summer times! During these camps participants can enjoy many good training, enjoy social activities, visiting other countries, meeting people, eating new food and some even go for testing for a next grade. All in a good spirit to enjoy and live the ITF Taekwon-Do life to the fullest! Still there are many differences because of the situation and background in the countries and the development of the ITF in the country. This makes it even more interesting to visit different camps.

During the summer 2012 I visited two of these camps and well in Poland and Norway and I like to provide the readers the information that maybe will help them to decide to joins one of these camps. I hope in the future also to go to other camps in Europe as I would like to visit the great camps in Greece, Slovenia and also other camps in Europe in the future as well. I hear a lot of great stories of these camps and I am sure there are many other camps out there to visit and I like to request organizers so send the invitation to the AETF website so everybody can read them. I think this will make the ITF family closer and closer as when we know each other we can grow together. The ultimate fulfillment of the Taekwon-Do family relationships I think.

Poland summer camp (Biala Poladska 6-15 July 2012)

I have been many times to the Poland summer camp (never the Winter camp so far) and unfortunate I am mostly not able to go a whole camp as it is normally in the period that our schools, work and gyms are still open and very active. But every time we stay a little longer and enjoy the training of 1st class trainers of European and World Champions and leaders of the Poland, Europe and very involved in the ITF world, Master Tadeusz Loboda, 7th degree, Master Jerzy Jedut, 7th degree, Jaroslaw Suska 6th degree and famous 5 time World Champion and 19 times European Champion and also Kamola Slawor IV degree and counterterrorist police officer and instructor of self-defense.

Master Jerzy Jedut

This year I travelled with two members of the national team Miss Bo Rook 1st degree European Champion, Mr. Chaiyong Boonyarit 2nd degree and 3rd in Traditional Sparring on the last Europeans in Slovenia together with Bo Rook. Furthermore Mr. Cees Wijnen, 2nd degree of KISPORT Martial Academy, and Mrs. Nicole Rook, the always happy mother of Bo and great companion to travel with.

Main square in Biała Podlaska

During this camp we were accommodated in a very nice place near the Belarus border in a place called Biała Podlaska, the place of my good friend Master Zbigniew Bujak, a great mentor in referring all these years and now a Ph.D at the university. He is the writer of many good books of Taekwon-Do, see For me this was the second time I visited Biala Poladska as I was honored to referee at the Polish Championships in 2007, see During the visit we had a great meal at Master Bujak house and ate a great meal together the wifes of Master Loboda and Master Bujak. A time very well spend and I also enjoyed his very nice fish he is raising in his pound.

The author with Master Zbigniew Bujak and his wife Grażyna Bujak

During the camp people have the opportunity to train for 07.00 up till late in the night and even late in the mornings! The Masters and instructors give trainings all day long and everybody can enjoy different kind of training, sparring, patterns, physical, self-defense and much more. The great advantage is that in the evening you can go on personal consultation with the Masters and Mr Suska and off course this is an intense and very informative session. Many practitioners from abroad take these consultations and also I was very happy to work one on one with the Masters and Mr Suska. Also Master Loboda gives at every evening a Masterclass were all patterns are being practiced every time!

The Netherland group with instructor Andrzej Kozłowski (middle) after training

Furthermore it is possible to train at the athletics track in the area of the University, use the very modern swimming pool (even the Russian female swimming team was training her every day!) and enough space to socialize. The town of Biala Poladska is nearby and in walking distance. Nice bars and restaurants are very affordable and the mails are good.

During the camp people can also buy materials of Top Pro and also the new ITF flag was available which I off course immediately bought! At the camp I met many new friends and Taekwon-Doins of many countries from the East but also from the West. Transportation to the camp was arranged and went very well. I like to thank the Poland administration. Mrs. Loboda, the Masters, Mr. Suska, and all the instructors, Master Bujak and his wife for they great company.

I am fortunate to train with Mr. Suska and Mr. Dziala in the next period again as we set up the seminar in the Netherlands from the 22nd and 23rd September in the Netherlands. All practitioners from 10th gup up to 9th degree are very welcome to join this fantastic event set up with I-Con promotions. See for more information

The author with Jarosław Suska

Norway summer camp (Surnadal 29 July - 3 August 2012)

Imagine, 1500 students in one summer to summer camp of Taekwon-Do, impossible? in Norway it is reality. Over the last twenty years National Taekwon-Do Norway is running summer camps all over Norway and they are divided in children, juniors and seniors. With different programs in a beautiful area people come every year to meet friends, socialize, and have fun and train very very hard. This concept has been developed by Master Per Andresen, 8th Degree and his team of loyal instructors and friends. NTN Norway has about 9000 members and hundreds of black belts. The level of education is high and all very well structured. Also the discipline and etiquette is of a high standard and impressive to see.

The last few years I have been visiting the beautiful area of Surnadal (Middle of Norway, two hours away of Trondheim) the children's and the junior camp and this year for the first time the senior camp together with my son Jarne, 2nd gup and 14 years old. We arrived two days before the camp together with invited Master Willy van de Mortel, his wife Hennieta and children Maartje and Jorg both black belts as well. Master Willy was planned to give many seminars for the national team and the participants in sparring competition. The Norwegian team is making an impressive way up in the ranks of the championships and they felt they needed more information and expertise about sparring.

Everybody in the world knows that Master Willy van de Mortel has trained all the top athletes in the last decades and his knowledge about the game is immense. I had the privilege to see 5 of his 2 hours seminars for the national and although I know Master van de Mortel for a long time I have never seen him giving a seminar off this length. I was not surprised but blown away with the expertise Master Willy has about Sparring and Coaching in Taekwon-Do Sport. Also his point of view and experiences from the past are very valuable and I was honored he would let me say something about umpiring on a World level. It was an inspiring session we put up for all coaches after a request of Master Andresen.

From left: Master Willy van de Mortel, Master Per Andresen and the author

The time before the camp we had the opportunity to see some cultural and beautiful surroundings of Surnadal including the cleanest air and water place in Europe, even a sometimes dangerous trip in mountain hiking and a nice photo session at a waterfall. We also went to a cultural evening with different kind of music and we had hilarious times with the experimental music of impossible description, the whole week after we laughed about this kind of music.

Once the camp started the trainings were divided into groups of gup and dan training. Every day there were several trainings in different training facility and very impressive to see the banners in the whole village which indicating there is a summer camp of Taekwon-Do is taking place. I have never seen this before then for competition. During the week you see in the whole village Taekwon-Doins walking around to their destination as it were if Taekwon-Do were practiced by the whole community. In the village the people call the Taekwon-Doins the "White Angels" as their behavior is an example for all and they are contributing for all society and therefor they are happy people of Taekwon-Do coming to Surnadal.

Training in Norway is good, active, technical and intense. People are eager to learn and help everybody to get to a higher level and all in a very good atmosphere. There are many instructors and most of the members of the national team are in the camps, teaching, training and helping to get the level up. During the evenings there are many different events, barbeque, rock concert, coaching session, performances and just enjoying each other's company. The same as in Poland there was a morning session at 07.00 o'clock which I enjoyed very much. In Poland it was session of yoga performed by the instructor of the 70's of Master Loboda and master Jedut and in Norway it was a different instructor every morning doing all different kind of morning exercises. For me being a morning person a great way to start the day!

Testing in Norway a great adventure! A few years back I discussed with Master Andresen my own progress in Taekwon-Do as for me the journey started in 1980. He inspired me to start training more, push myself to the limit and allowed me to test in Norway. After the approval of the Board of ITF Netherlands I tested after many years in a fantastic surroundings. In the presence of 3 highly qualified masters, Master Per Andresen 8th degree, Master Per Christian Garnaes 7th degree and Master Willy van de Mortel, 7th degree, 15 instructors of 4-6 degree and almost 350 spectators of the camp it was a great platform to test the abilities. Together with great athletes Gro Smonas, Camilla Rolstad, Gunnar Eggesbo and Truls Hotvadt, all going for 4th degree black belt I had a great partner in Magnus Bjorgan, 3rd degree and member of the National team many years and now an impressive coach. With Boosabum Bjorgan great help and experience in testing in NTN it was a great way to perform at the best. This impressive young man of 196 cm and more than 100 kg is a great athlete and a great partner. I thank him with all my heart for his fantastic help before, during and after the testing.

Performing patterns (5), Matsogi's (1-2-3), Hosinsuls (armed and unarmed), Gyokpa (hand, foot and jumping), and Theory was a great way to show the progress of the last 33 years in Taekwon-Do. It was an honor to perform for such passionate and experienced Taekwon-Do people. Also the presence of my son was a highlight as he had never see his father testing and was proud and a great help during the week and years before of having a father in Taekwon-Do. Thank you Jarne! After anxious minutes the results was there and the participants were praised for their skills, performances and new degrees. The many thanks of the public, instructors and Masters was a great ending of an intense period and opening a new period to look forward too. The next morning after testing immediately we started training again and were a great way to start with the new training material right away!

The camp ended as we started with a nice evening with friends, entertainment and nice food. The next day people left to their homes. The week after the kids camp was in the same place started and more than 150 kids were running around in the same area as we were the week before. My son and I stayed a little longer to meet with a Norwegian organist ion called MOT, , which means courage and give programs to youngsters between 12-21 years in schools in Norway and they also have project in South Africa, Namibia and Thailand. Together with Magnus Bjorgan I met with the leader of MOT abroad, Mrs. Sigrun Varvik to discuss the values and goals of MOT.

After a summer full of summer camps I read with a lot of interest the reports of all the summer camps in the rest of Europe on Facebook, internet and the websites of many organizations. I would like to suggest all who want to give extra attention to the camps to send these to the AETF to put them on the calendar to give all in Europe the opportunity to maybe choose your summer camp to join. It is a great way to join a community that gives so much friendship, travelling experience, good training and a healthy way of living. I can recommend it!

At the end I want to thank the Masters, instructors and participants of Poland and Norway for so much friendship, training and a great time. My special thanks to Master Per Andresen and his wife Antonie Andresen, Master Per Garnaes, Master Willy van de Mortel and his family, Booasbum Magnus Bjørgan and all my good friends during my testing before, during and after. It was an experience of a lifetime. At last I like to thank my old instructor, Sabum Kiet Tjon-A-Pauw and his wife Phil Croes and especially my wife Linda and son Jarne for their support over the last 20 years.

CV Harry van Schaik (PDF, 21,4 MB)
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Harry van Schaik, “Active and Involved”
Member ITF Development Committee

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