Newsletter Newsletter 3/2013 18th Summer Camp in Biala Podlaska
Newsletter 3/2013
18th Summer Camp in Biala Podlaska

From 5th to 14th July 2013 a city of Biala Podlaska in Poland was a venue of the 18th Central Summer Taekwon-Do Camp. 250 participants from 16 countries (Australia, Belarus, England, Georgia, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Romania, Sweden, Ukraine and from Poland) came to practice Taekwon-Do together this summer in Poland.

The event organized by Lublin Sport Taekwon-Do Club and MKS Lewart AGS Lubartów was attended by many prominent athletes from all over the world and from Poland who treated the camp as an element of the preparation for the October World Championships in Spain.

The participants could practice together with the current members of the Polish National Junior and Senior Team. From abroad came among others: Katya Solovey (Ukraine) - the World Champion and many times European Champion in the sparring category, Masimov Tural (Ukraine) – the Vice European Champion 2012, Elena Krutova (Russia) – current European Champion in pattern, Mr. Stephen Ryan (Ireland) – Secretary General of Irish Taekwon-Do Association, Oskar Malaga (Sweden), Timothy Bos (Italy). Also the competitors from remote countries like Australia, New Zealand, Kazakhstan or Georgia came to Biala Podlaska. There were many high level athletes from whom the others could learn easily.

The teaching staffs were well-known instructors whose competitors have won or are still winning the medals of the European and World Championships.

The participants were divided into groups based on their age and advancement level. The Taekwon-Do classes were conducted by Master Jerzy Jedut, Master Taduesz Loboda, Mr. Jaroslaw Suska and Mr. Robert Jasiński.

Master Jedut leaded the older age groups of black belts and red belts. The younger groups were conducted by Mr. Jarosław Suska – 6th Degree – 5 times World Champion, 21 times European Champion and 22 times Polish Champion as well as by Mr. Robert Jasiński – the main instructor in Tradition Taekwon-Do Club in Lodz (central Poland).

Master Loboda conducted, as in the previous editions, the Master Class on Patterns for the 4th Degree holders and above.

Additionally the participants had a chance to join the morning sessions of Joga conducted by the forerunner of Taekwon-Do in Poland Mr. Andrzej Kozłowski – 2nd Degree or the evening self-defense classes with the specialist in this subject Mr. Slawomir Kamola – 5th degree.

Furthermore everyone had an opportunity to visit and to take an advantage of the swimming pool, where most of the participants could relax after the trainings in Jacuzzi, sauna or just enjoying themselves by practicing jumping or just swimming.

Every evening the participants could choose between the individual training sessions, self-defense classes or other activities such as volley ball, basket ball, foot ball, badminton or table tennis.

All these activities were available due fact that every year the sport facilities of the Faculty of Physical Education in Biala Podlaska are modernized and renovated. Also the accommodation area (students’ dormitories) is constantly increasing its standards. Double rooms with a bathroom and Internet access become a norm, what assures a proper comfort and rest for the participants. The offer of the Faculty of Physical Education in Biala Podlaska is every year more complex and in affordable price.

As every year the participants had an opportunity to join an excursion to Lublin and/or to Warsaw. The history of Lublin city was told by the professional guides. The participant got the chance to sightsee the Lublin Castle, Old City as well as the Concentrations Camp Majdanek. In the capitol the contestants took in the sight of Copernicus Science Center, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the change of the guard by the Representative Battalion of the Polish Army who constantly assist the monument. The tour ended with a visit at the Warsaw Old Town where everyone could admire the architecture as well as the demonstrations of street artists.

The Central Camp ended with a color belts exam leaded by Master Jerzy Jedut and Mr. Jaroslaw Suska. Despite the fact that not every one got promoted, all participants got valuable tips how to improve their skills in the future.

After 10-days long trainings’ session everyone was satisfied and content. Each participant got a commemorative t-shirt and took part in a photo session to memorize the whole event. With the knowledge and experience learned at the camp many attendees left Biala Podlaska with regret and with a promise to come back next year. Some have already declared their participation in the winter camp edition 2014 in Szczyrk.

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