Newsletter Newsletter 4/2013 88th IIC in Oostende, Belgium
Newsletter 4/2013
88th IIC in Oostende, Belgium

There are only few Taekwon-Do events, which can gather participants from twenty one countries at one place. Some of them are World Cup or World Championships or European Championships. But one of such events was the 88th International Instructor Course held on 22-24th November 2013 in Oostende, Belgium. 236 participants from 21 countries took part in the IIC: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

After the 8th and the 28th IIC this was the third time the GrandMasters came to Belgium to conduct the course.

This was a historical IIC: 236 participants, 21 countries, 2 GrandMasters (GM Orello Ellis and GM Rolf Becking), 19 Masters with amongst them 2 ITF Board Members: Senior Vice-President Master Paul Weiler and Secretary-General Master Juan Ferrando.

Registration started already on Thursday November 21st in the holiday centre & hotel Ravelingen, at the sea dyke.

On Friday and Saturday the venue for the course was the sports centre "Koninklijke Stallingen", at 3.1 km of the hotel. The translation is "Royal Stables". It was built for the second king of Belgium, King Leopold II. Still some of the original wooden construction remained.

Because of the big amount of participants the Technical Committee decided to have IIC's at the same time: one for I°-III°degree and the other one for IV°degree and up. At the end of the 2nd day there was the "closing" ceremony. During this ceremony the GrandMasters received a nice present: a painting made by Master Frank Vanberghen. Also Master Christa Wintzer received a present. Master Wintzer, VIII°degree from Germany, told us this was her last IIC since she is 70 years old. Respect for this lady!

On Sunday morning the IIC went on in the sports centre in Ravelingen. Master Donato Nardizzi conducted the classes concerning the Kids Development Program.

Meanwhile in the meeting rooms on the 4th floor there were 15 persons doing their grading.

Master Willy van de Mortel is now 8th degree, were promoted for 7th degree: Master Pat Barry (Ireland), Master Javier Mugica (Spain), Master Slavko Jereb (Croatia), Christoph Dörken (Germany). These gradings were conducted by the Technical Committee.

Master Vanberghen and Master Weiler conducted the gradings III°-VI°degree: VI° Armando Ribiero (Portugal), Elmar Kickingereder & Rene Walter (Austria), IV° Orlin Hristov (Bulgaria), Roger Dovin (France), Alin Lazurca (Romania), Gerald Bauer (Austria), III° Anthony Meynet & Aurélien Piret & Yann Dupas (France).

We would like to congratulate all those promoted.

Annick Van Driessche
President ITF-Belgium

List of the participants:
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