Newsletter Newsletter 1/2014 Katya and Oleg Solovey in Riga, Latvia
Newsletter 1/2014
Katya and Oleg Solovey in Riga, Latvia

On 25th and 26th January 2014 Latvia was visited by famous athlete Katya Solovey and her trainer Oleg Solovey (Ukraine). They conducted 3 seminars. The main subject of the training session were sport fighting techniques and tactics elements. Both Instructors led the seminars with a great passion and our athletes gained new knowledge of sport fighting discipline and of course a lot of positive emotions.

The seminar was attended by 48 participants. Among the participants were two guests from Belarus Mr. Oleg Pronevich and Mr. Vitaly Mihelson.

List of the participants:
 # Name Degree Club
 # Name Degree Club

After the seminar despite the very cold weather, the guests were shown the Old Town and took a small car tour around Riga.

Armands Šaltenis

Mr. Oleg Solovey’s comments after the seminar:

The seminar was organized at a high level and it was thanks to Mr. Armands Saltenis, the President of Latvian Taekwon-do Federation. The level of athletes was very different. A good preparation level showed several athlets of the national team of Latvia and Belarus. What was very important all the participants showed a great desire to get new information and gave their 100% during heavy training."

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