Newsletter Newsletter 4/2014 Report on the European Cup
Newsletter 4/2014
Report on the European Cup
AETF reporter
Norbert Érseki

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This is a report from the Mightyfist Children and Cadet Cup and the VI Taekwon-do European Cup. The competition this time was special for myself, as I was present not only as the AETF Reporter, but I also have been deeply involved in the organization of the event, and could see how things go behind the scenes. So, let me tell you about my experiences of both of the competitions.

On 10th October the Mightyfist Children and Cadet Cup was held in Budapest, Pestszentimre Sports Hall (”Sportkastély” – in literal translation ”Castle of Sports”). This was the first time where a competition was named after this new company, Mightyfist, an official sponsor of ITF since this year.

Altogether 291 competitors have registered for the categories: children between 10 and 12, and cadets between 12 and 14 years old. (Competitors born in 2002 could choose which age group they wanted to participate in.) There was a separate group in patterns for 7-9th, 4-6th and 1-3rd gup, and I. degree participants, and 6 weight categories, separated for boys and girls, which means altogether 16 categories for patterns and 24 categories for sparring for only one day.

Most of the competitors participating in this event arrived on Thursday when the registration took place. All the clubs arrived safely, and could start the competition on Friday. The day started with an opening ceremony for all teams, where all the competitors have lined up. Jon Morris, owner of Mightyfist company in France opened the event together with Csaba Békássy from the Organizing Committee. The competition went really smoothly, with a little or no injuries. During the day the European Cup has started with registering the competitors in the AETF system, so while the youth were still competing inside the sports hall, the European Cup competitors were registered and weighed in at the AETF registration point.

Unfortunately, Friday’s competitors took longer time to prepare and arrive and in some rings there were some unexpected pauses held, the competition only finished much later than expected. Yet the Umpires were working admirably, most of the Umpires who have registered for the European Cup as well volunteered to join this competition in order to deliver the best possible experience to the young competitors. As most of the Umpires worked at the European Cup too, the youngsters could experience what it is like to compete in front of such high professionals, as if they were participating on the real European Cup!

Results of the Mightyfist Children and Cadet Cup competition is available to download here (PDF, 280 kB).

Right after the competition for the youth the official Opening Ceremony of the VI. Taekwon-do European Cup took place. Because of the delay in the competition, the event started hours later than originally planned, so many competitors opted for going back to their hotels and have some rest before the big day. Too bad for them; the Opening Ceremony was a breathtaking show with a Taiko show of Japanese drummers (by the group of Taiko Hungary), a few groups of very professional athletes of gymnastics and an amazing show of Melinda Szabó, fitness world champion. During the event Master László Harmat, President of the Hungarian ITF Taekwon-do Federation gave a short speech, and Master Tadeusz Loboda, President of the All Europe Taekwon-do Federation officially opened the European Cup in the presence of several other Masters, and with Grandmaster Wim Bos himself visiting the event.

After the long and tiring day for the staff they have prepared the hall for the European Cup.

Learning from Friday’s delay the Organizing Committee and the Technical and Umpire Committee of AETF with the lead of Master Alexander Dunbar and the presence of Attila Solti had took precautions in order to be able to run the European Cup much smoother.

Altogether 616 competitors whad been registered in the on-line system, with 607 passing the registration, prepared for the big challenge, starting Saturday morning.

With the help of the computer handling staff and all the Umpires from the previous day who had familiarized themselves with the new scoring system (developed in the host country of Hungary) and with all the previously mentioned precautions the competition went even better than expected. Usually on sparring events the actual flow of events can really differ from the plan because of stops and injuries, but everything went ahead of schedule and the Umpires decided not to stop the event but to carry on with further sparring categories. Basically, regarding the pattern and sparring categories, the event is a double event compared to the European Championships, as that one has only black belts competing, but because of the rules of the European Cup, colour belts could also enter this time which means almost twice as many categories. Therefore, even with some events planned originally for Sunday, the competition took quite long and only finished a few hours later than originally planned.

A few of the country leaders, coaches and Umpires had a special dinner together with the VIP guests of the event, including Grandmaster Wim Bos, Master Tadeusz Łoboda, Master Paul Weiler, Master Giamalas, Master Caiazzo, Master László Harmat and AETF Board members such as Mr. Leonardo Oros Duek and Master Lazaros Tsilfidis.

Master Weiler has not arrived to Budapest only to watch the competition, but also to raise money for donation for a leg prothesys for Kemal Kasim. He is an Ethiopian Taekwon-do black belt, who has lost one of his legs in an accident, playing on a tank after a civil war when he was 6. Now he is 24 and practicing Taekwon-do! He has earned his 3rd degree in 2014! Master Weiler has proudly announced on the VIP dinner, that with the presence of the AETF board at the competition the AETF Board of Members have decided to donate 2000 EUR for his cause, getting their goal much closer to achieve. Altogether with the donations from the previous events and this one, the money for the operation is halfway through, bringing the hopes to raise enough money by the end of the year. With your help and with a bit of luck Kemal could be present at the upcoming World Championships in Jesolo, Italy with his new leg! I wish Master Weiler and Kemal good luck achieving their goals! (More on Kemal at

The event continued on Sunday with the remaining individual and all the team categories. The most of the attention was of course at the central ring, where the most interesting categories were hold, such as the black belt team patterns, black belt team sparrings, and traditional sparring groups. After 2 tiring days the umpires and the staff were working really hard the whole last day to get the competition even better. Most of the rings were closed almost on time!

After the last awarding ceremony of the European Cup a part of the competitors, who stayed overnight has joined the others for sharing a drink and the dancefloor with the other competitors.

After all the competition was a great success. Even with the smaller problems, the staff was able to quickly respond to any requests and all situations quickly and with the umipire team, with the long and tiresome days of work everything was finished with just a little later than expected, which is a great achievement. The two competition had almost 900 competitors alltogether, for 3 days of competition. The European Cup itself had 607 competitors for 2 days. For comparison the European Championship took 4 days with 560 competitors. Even considering that the European Cup had no breaking categories (but having the colored belts), everybody did an outstanding job. It is also notable that a lot of VIP guests were present at the event, apart from GM Wim Bos, and the already mentioned Masters and members of the AETF board, Master Harmat could welcome Master Sheena Sutherland from Scotland at our event.

I would hereby thank the job for the umpires, lead by the AETF’s Tournament and Umpire Committee, the job of the AETF staff for the on-line system and the local staff, lead by the Organizing Committee of the European Cup!

I would rather not highlight any results, let the results speak for themselves!

Results can be found and downloaded at the AETF’s on-line registration system at

Budapest is awaiting you for the International Umpire Course before the World Championships in February, 2015, and for the World Cup in 2016!

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