Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 Sparring Seminar with Mr Bordiez
Newsletter 2/2015
Sparring Seminar with Mr Bordiez

Dear Masters, Instructors, Taekwon-Do practitioners

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the first Sparring Seminar in Europe with Mr Marcelo Bordiez, V Degree, current Coach of Argentina. The seminar will take place in Ottignies (near Brussels), Belgium on Saturday 6th June 2015.

Mr Marcelo Bordiez has extensive experience, both as a competitor and as a coach. Specialized in sparring, as a competitor Mr Bordiez has been member of the Argentinean team eight times, and these are some of his major achievements:

Many students of Mr Bordiez have obtained outstanding results at national and international championships including World Cups and World Championships. He is currently coach of the Argentinean team.

He is coming to Belgium with Mr Eugenio Favalli, VI Degree, and Mr Ivan Altinier, V Degree, members of the technical body of the Argentinean team. In addition, three junior competitors of the Argentinean team, will take part in the seminar, so participants will have the opportunity to train with them.

The seminar will have three parts:

and will be based on conditioning exercises, drills and the ITF sparring system in general.

Files to download:
Sparring Seminar Mr Bordiez - Invitation (352 kB)

Do not miss this unique opportunity to train with the Argentinean coach and take part of a training with South American taste!

Sabum Virginia Dionisi VI Degree
Bo Sabum Gonzalo Escribano II Degree

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