Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 510 Participants in Omsk Seminar!
Newsletter 2/2015
510 Participants in Omsk Seminar!

In the last years the city of Omsk became the Heart of Taekwon-Do growth in Siberia Region of Russia. According the All Russian Taekwon-Do and Omsk district Taekwon-Do Federation calendar, on 11-12th of April 2015 the city of Omsk hosted the annual seminar.

This time we had one more successful record of participants. Totally 510 persons participated in this event. Due the limitation of the space of sport hall students were divided in three groups. It is worth mentioning that the seminar was organized during the celebration of Easter, therefore the host expected less participants. But finally, the result over passed all expectations!

Traditionally during the seminar there was organized a special class for parents so the can learn the training and understand on themselves the requirements and hard work of their children and finally to achieve the goal of better understanding of their children.

This seminar was conducted by Master Tsilfidis Lazaros and organized by Mr. Viacheslav Nedelko, the President of Omsk district Taekwon-Do Federation with the full support of all instructors and black belts of Omsk and neighbor districts.

More photos You can see in the web page of all Russia Taekwon-Do Federation

Master Lazaros Tsilfidis
Всероссийская федерация Таеквон-До ИТФ
All Russia Taekwon-Do Federation

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