Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 Interviews from the Holland Cup
Newsletter 2/2015
Interviews from the Holland Cup

AETF reporter
Norbert Érseki

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It was the second occasion when I was invited to the Holland Cup to the Netherlands. This particular event was extraordinary because it took place six weeks after the World Championships to be held in Jesolo, Italy, right on the weekend of the 60th birthday of Taekwon-do. (As it is told the name “Taekwon-do” proposed by our founder Gen. Choi Hong Hi was officially accepted on 11th April, 1955.)

For this rare constellation of events competitors from 16 countries arrived to Pijnacker. There were a few countries who attended the Holland Cup for the first time ever, some of them from surprisingly far away, like a competitor from Japan and from Russia.

I was able to talk to a lot of participants from different backgrounds and everyone felt content about the level and atmosphere of the competition. The most important part which most of them highlighted was, that despite this competition not being the biggest ever, but the hosts are so friendly and the competition itself is very well organized, so everyone feels great and wants to come back year by year. Even the “newcomers” expressed that they not only plan to return, but they will try to convince more friends from their clubs and country to follow them next year!

This is a quick interview with Mr. Tim Kool about their event, and I also made an interview with Master Willy van de Mortel - a few questions about the Holland Cup.

Interview with Master Willy van de Mortel

(A long interview with Master Mortel about his career as the now legendary coach will be published on AETF website soon, stay tuned!)

Interview with Mr. Tim Kool

Hoping to see everyone again next year!

Photographs from the event on the AETF Reporter Facebook page ( - day 1, A-class competition
and - day 2, B-Class competition

For the statistics, numbers and results please check the official report of the Holland Cup on AETF’s website at

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