Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 Report from the 5th ITF Radix Seminar
Newsletter 2/2015
Report from the 5th ITF Radix Seminar

Sabum Robert Boer and Roy Rolstad did an amazing job at the RADIX seminar in Amsterdam.

We started on saturday with some movements from Chon-ji till Won-hyo and waw what was that? It was amazing to see how much we can do with the movements in the patterns. It really openend the eyes of all participants and we were really curious what the next day would bring us.

On sunday we started to put all the things we had seen on saturday together in a few drills and that was amazing. You could feel the energy level rising up and all participants were giving their best because they felt that the hard work of the day before fell into the drill with a great result.

Then we worked on some drills from other patterns and we needed to make some scenarios with different groupes. It was amazing to see that all groups did a great job. There were people from different countries and different ages and grades but we where all one group.

We ended with some great RADIX sparring and received a certificate.

I really recommend this seminar to ALL participants of our beautifull art, young and old. It will really open your mind and upgrade your Taekwon-Do to a next level...

We are setting up a new ITF Radix seminar in the beautiful capitol of Norway, Oslo the 6-7th of June.

Link to registration:

We hope that all serious ITF-selfdefense enthousiast will join us.

The first participants already enrolled!

Up to the next,
Kind regards
Sabum Pollefeyt Yves, 5th dan, ITF-Belgium

Thoughts on ITF RadiX Seminar

Amsterdam 25th – 26th of April 2015

by Helena Hanhikangas, 2nd. Degree

Taekwon-Do is an art in which you will always keep discovering something new. No matter how much you keep twisting it around, new sides, new aspects will always pop out, year after year. And I guess none of us has ever reached the point when one could say “now I know what it’s all about, no need to search for more”.

And this is what ITF RadiX seminar represents: a discovery, an adventure, trying to think outside the box. As usual, especially when it comes to self-defence, one can be of many opinions whether something is efficient enough or not. What works for one may not work exactly the same for someone else. And this is something that anyone who teaches and studies self-defence has to face: there are no single truths. The methods of getting out of a situation are just as many as the techniques in our art.

The men in charge of the seminar, sabum Robert Boer and sabum Roy Rolstad represented exactly this openness towards self-defence and the applications of the patterns. You need to keep your mind open for new discoveries. It was not about showing that this is the only way at looking at things, or about some universal truth. No, it was above all about learning how to think by yourself. They want to open a new window through which one can approach our patterns, showing just how much you can use them in self-defence. As we all know, once you start to explore Taekwon-Do to the fullest, only the sky can be the limit…

One should neither be disappointed by the fact that there are no universal truths to be discovered in this seminar. Unfortunately in the world of martial arts such truths do not exist. However, this does not mean that the techniques shown were not efficient in practice. Quite the contrary. From the point of view of a woman who is not 190 centimetres tall and does not weight 90 kilos - some even dare to call me small - it is easy to see whether a technique works or not. Once a person of your size or even smaller manages to use the techniques shown in practice and the opponent towering above you does follow your lead, you can pretty much say it works.

So all in all, what RadiX offers is one piece to the puzzle of Taekwon-Do and I hope more people will go and see what these men have to offer. No matter how critical your mindset will be, it will be extremely difficult not to raise your eyebrow every once in a while and go “hmm… never came to think of that… Interesting… I think I need to think on this as well…”

And once you have seen what it’s all about, surely you will understand that sabum Boer and sabum Rolstad aredoing an important job. And they are good at it. You may even think that this is too radical, a Radical X. But if so, then why not coming worth with something of your own to challenge what RadiX has to offer?

The work with Taekwon-Do is never finished, more people who dedicate their time to this art are always needed. And based on the way these men work, what was seen in Amsterdam, they will be only happy to see you there challenging them. Because to them this only means more ideas, more knowledge and more discovery.

Just go and see, get inspired by their inspiration. See how, with a lot of dedication and countless hours of hard work, one can open new doors and discover new pieces to the puzzle of Taekwon-Do. Working together we can all learn more. So try, see, discover. Think.

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