Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 Polish Grand Prix 2015
Newsletter 2/2015
Polish Grand Prix 2015

From 17th to 19th April 2015 in Pruszcz Gdański, a city located 30 km from the Baltic Sea coast was held Polish Grand Prix for juniors, seniors and senior advanced.

The tournament gathered together 156 competitors from 36 schools in the senior and senior advanced age groups and 125 competitors from 30 clubs in the junior category.

The organizers of the tournament were Ms. Anna Misztal, the President and Ms. Dorota Mazur, the Secretary General of Sport Taekwon-Do Club “An-Do” in Pruszcz Gdański, both – 4th Degree and main instructors in “An-Do” club.

In the past Pruszcz Gdański was twice the venue city of the national tournaments. Using the experience gained previously the organizers prepared and held the championships on high organizational level. Also competitors were very well prepared and presented high technical level.

The Saturday competition finished with the final gala. Mr. Jerzy Kulka, the Mayor of Pruszcz Gdański opened officially the championships. Ms. Misztal granted special thanks letters to sport authorities and sponsors for their helped by the organization of the tournament. Master Zbigniew Bujak, PTA Vice-President expressed special gratitude to the Anna Misztal and Dorota mazur for all the efforts to prepare the championships as well as to promote and develop Taekwon-do in Pruszcz Gdański and in the region. The audience could see two finals in pattern male 3rd and 4th – 6th Degree pattern as well as two female and three male finals in senior sparring categories. In the breaks the organizers prepared some performances of a dance group from Pruszcz Gdański.

The best senior competitor became Anna Dąbrowska from SKS Start Olsztyn who won 2 gold and 1 silver medal. The best individual senior male competitor was selected Maciej Zuk from LKT Legnica who got 1 gold and 1 silver medal. Despite the fact that he has the same number of medals as Mateusz Mroz from Taewo KWSW Warszawa, he became the best competitor because he won more bouts.


In the junior age category the competition for best overall competitors was won again by the siblings from MKS Lewart AGS Lubartów - Zuzanna and Jakub Gadzała. Zuzanna won 2 gold and 1 silver medal, whereas her brother Jakub won three categories and 3 gold medals.

Three best schools in the general classification for juniors were:

1.Miejski Klub Sportowy "Lewart" AGS Lubartów522.
2. Gdański Klub Taekwon-do Gdańsk4 (1) 3 7
3. Klub Sportowy "Dragon" w Janowie2 2 (1) 2

See the Juniors results (PDF, 86 kB)

On the three best platforms in seniors classification stood:

1. "Taewo" Klub Wschodnich Sportów Walki w Warszawie4 3 6
2. Miejski Klub Sportowy "Lewart" AGS Lubartów 4 0 2
3.Ludowy Klub Sportowy MATSOGI Ciechanów 3 1 3

See the Seniors results (PDF, 88 kB)

The Polish Grand Prix was the last selection before the upcoming World Junior and Senior Championships 2015 in Jesolo, Italy. After the short training camp at the first weekend of May in the Olympic Sport Centre in Spala the coaches will announce the final squad of the Polish National Team for the Championships in Italy.

The photo gallery from the Grand Prix by Master Jerzy Jedut is available under the link:

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