Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 TKD ITF in the Children's Olympics Israel
Newsletter 2/2015
TKD ITF in the Children's Olympics Israel

After a long anticipation, the eigth installment of the Olympic Games for Kids - the Children's Olympics, took place in Wingate institute, Netanya, with the participation of Taekwon-Do ITF students, along 25 other branches of sports, in which over 4500 children competed, from 81 different cities and regional authorities!

The Children's Olympics is a sportive-social-educational event taking place under the sports management of the Minsitry of Culture and Sports in co-operation with a large number of local authorities. The event is held yearly in different cities. In the first two years it was held simultaneously in a number of cities, and starting from the third year it has been decided to change the program and host all of the sports in one city, in one day.

The event began with an opening ceremony for all, in the presence of the Minister of Culture and Sports and other office officials, mayors council heads, children, coaches and parents.

The Taekwon-Do ITF has joined for the third time to the Children's Olympics, under management of Sabum-Nim Leonardo Oros-Duek VI Degree. Also were present Sabum-Nim Mario Cosacow VI Degree and Sabum-Nim Sergei Harchenko V Degree. The competition included pattern and sparring divisions.

At the end of the competition a short exhibition took place, followed by the medal awarding, and also the awardings of cups for the team that brought the most medals - Zichron Ya'akov, and in second place won Haifa Aba Hushi and the third place won Haifa Neve Yossef.

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