Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 Day of Taekwon-Do in Belgium
Newsletter 2/2015
Day of Taekwon-Do in Belgium

Since 2013 ITF-Belgium is organizing twice a year the Day of Taekwon-Do for its members, open to white, coloured and black belts from all ages and all levels. It's a great opportunity to have classes of some of the best instructors of Belgium and to meet members from other clubs, to train together in a nice and friendly atmosphere.

May 10th the first Day of Taekwon-Do of 2015 has been held in Gembloux, Centre Sportif l’Orneau. The seminar started at 10.00h.

Participants were divided in groups according to their age and grade. About 80 participants were present, together with 8 instructors.

The children (-14) had warming-up & stretching together, afterwards they were divided into different groups for tul & fundamental movements, sparring, special techniques and hosinsul. The cooling-down was in one group again. The children received their certificates at 14.30h. Instructors were Annick Van Driessche (VI°degree), Andreea Musca (III°degree) and Jan Lauwereins (1°kup).

The juniors & seniors had classes from 10.00h to 16.00h, with a lunch break in between. Also this group was divided after the warming-up according to the grade. The instructors for tul, hosinsul, specials and sparring were Virginia Dionisi (VI°degree), Yves Pollefeyt (V°degree), Bob Wigman (IV°degree) and Erik Van Hoeck (II°degree). Meanwhile some of the black belts received private classes in tul from Master Frank Vanberghen (VIII°degree). Certificates were distributed at 16.00h.

It was a nice and informative day, participants and instructors enjoyed themselves.

Next Day of Taekwon-Do : September 27th in Sint-Lievens-Houtem.

Annick Van Driessche

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