Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 Toby Fox
Newsletter 2/2015
Toby Fox

Sunday May 10th ITF-Belgium lost one of their black belts, Toby Fox, due to a motorcycle accident. His girlfriend is still fighting for her life. Toby was supposed to be present in Jesolo, at the World Championships, as team photographer. He was a very nice man, a real taekwondoka and a good athlete who won several medals at the World Cups in Brighton and Jamaica.

This is what his instructors of ITF Brussels are writing:

Dear all

We are very sorry to be the bearers of sad news, but our beloved friend and TKD partner Toby Fox passed away last Sunday from injuries following a moto accident. Unfortunately, Toby was hit in his head and a couple of minutes later he suffered a heart attack.

We are speechless. Today his mother and twin brother arrived to Brussels from the USA. As they know how important TKD for Toby was, they will probably come to the school tonight. We kindly request you to put your best dobock and jacket and join us this evening. We need you. Even though you have not been training for so long, this would be a special night.

We still do not know if there will be a funeral in Belgium, but a memorial for Toby is under organization (on Thursday or Friday). We want to be present with all his TKD friends and do something special for him.

Toby joined ITF Brussels in September 2007 as a yellow belt and gained his black belt in September 2014. During all these years Toby has been helping and organizing so many things in the club, and, as we all know, he has been a real example for all of us, always positive and trying to help others, with a smile and eagerness to learn.

Toby had many different and good qualities and we will always remember him as he was: a great friend, great person, great artist, great businessman, great sportsman, great student, and a great World Cup Champion. We want to say good bye to our friend as he deserves….

An official announcement will be made as soon as we get more information.

We will miss him a lot….

Kind regards,
Sabum Virginia and Bo Sabum Gonzalo

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