Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 “Lulin” Cup Report
Newsletter 2/2015
“Lulin” Cup Report

On 25-26 April 2015 in “Lulin” Sports Center, Sofia city, Bulgaria was held the VIII Regional Quadrathlon Taekwon-Do Open Championship for “Lulin” Cup. This event was held under the patronage of the Mayor of Sofia Municipality – Lulin district Mr. Milko Mladenov. Coorganizers of the event were Sports Association of Ministry of Interior, Central Police Taekwon-Do Club, Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do and the Municipality of Sofia – Lulin District.

Official guests to the competition were Mr. Ivan Mladenov – Secretary General of Sports Association of Ministry of Interior. Special gratitude plaques were given to the representatives of the schools on the territory of Lulin district which develop Taekwon-Do in cooperation with Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do.

Organizing Committee of the tournament would like express sincere gratitude to the special guests – the teams from Greece, leaded by Master Panagiotis Gialamas – President of Hellenic Quadrathlon Federation ITF, and the team from Romania, leaded by Mr. Cosmin Oprescu – President of Federatia Romana de Taekwon-Do ITF. In the evening after the first competition day the leaders of the two guest delegations and representatives of the BD of BAT had a nice friendly dinner where were discussed some matters for better development of Taekwon-Do in the region and mutual support of events, especially the upcoming competitions in Romania and Greece in June 2015.

The competitors were divided in groups of children (6-13 years), juniors (14-17 years) and seniors (18+ years). 323 competitors from 26 clubs participated in the individual disciplines: Pattern, Sparring, Special Tecnique and Power Test.

The Chairman of the umpire committee Mr. Vencislav Ignatov - managed a team of 65 umpires in 5 rings for the 2 days and for the first time the wireless version of Bulscore (the Bulgarian scoring system was used in 3 rings). Awards for best complex competitors for each age and gender division were given for third time. The winning places were decided according to collected points from the different disciplines and the Overall winners were determined by the points of all competitors.

Final overall standings:

Children (6-13 years)
1. Hellenic Quadrathlon Federation ITF 20 gold, 17 silver, 12 bronze;
2. TC Levski “61 School” 16 gold, 12 silver, 9 bronze;
3. CPTC “97 School” 9 gold, 11 silver, 8 bronze.
Juniors (14-17 years)
1. CPTC “97 School” 6 gold, 6 silver, 7 bronze;
2. CPTC “Rakovski” v 4 gold, 3 silver, 4 bronze;
3. Hellenic Quadrathlon Federation ITF 4 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze.
Seniors (18+ years)
1. SC “Fight” 6 gold, 5 silver, 1 bronze;
2. CPTC “137 School” 2 gold, 2 silver; 
3. CPTC “192 School” 2 gold,  1 bronze.

Quadrathlonists of “Lulin” Cup

Boys 6 7 years Konstantinos Stogiannis Hellenic Quadrathlon Federation ITF 27 points;
Girls 6 7 years Parthena Dimitriadou Hellenic Quadrathlon Federation ITF 20 points;
Boys 8 9 years Grigorios Longinidis Hellenic Quadrathlon Federation ITF 29 points;
Girls 8 9 years Demetra Kishkilova TC Levski "61 School" 29 points;
Boys 10 11 years Gavriil Feidantsis Hellenic Quadrathlon Federation ITF 35 points;
Girls 10 11 years Georgia Kotoumpa Hellenic Quadrathlon Federation ITF 27 points;
Boys 12 13 years Zhulian Marchev TC Levski "61 School" 38 points;
Girls 12 13 years Alexandra Slavcheva TC Levski "61 School" 39 points;
Junior Male Serkan Hasan CPTC “97 School” 38 points;
Junior Female Tedislava Georgieva CPTC “97 School” 39 points;
Senior Male Duke Nwamerue SC “Fight” 29 points;
Senior Female Petya Staneva SC “Fight” 28 points.

Winners of VIII Regional Quadrathlon Taekwon-Do Open Championship for “Lulin” Cup

  1. Hellenic Quadrathlon Federation ITF – 557 points;
  2. CPTC “97 School” – 442 points;
  3. TC Levski “61 School” – 357 points.

Yavor Tasev
BAT Secretary General

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