Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 Interview With Master Willy Van de Mortel
Newsletter 2/2015
Interview With Master Willy Van de Mortel

On June 20th & 21st, in Utrecht, The Netherlands, the latest addition to the international seminars of the ITF will kick-off: the International Competition Course (ICC). You’ve guessed it right, this seminar will focus on the competitive elements within ITF Taewkon-Do, as well as subjects that need more attention then they receive in the well-known IIC’s, like competion tuls and practical applications of hosinsuls.

The seminars will be under supervision of the ICC Committee, that consists of ciritically acclaimed ITF Taekwon-Do coaches and trainers GM Wim Bos, Masters Willy van de Mortel en Jeruk Jedut, en Sabum Tomaz Barada.

The registration form can be found here:

You can win free admission to the 1st ICC through the Facebook Event Page:

Special deal for every competitor who goes to the World Cup in Jesolo we raffling a set of gloves and a Top Ten Dobok among everyone who registers for the ICC in the Netherlands!


Within ITF Taekwon-Do Master Willy van de Mortel (8th Degree) is a well known name. Since 1976 he has been practicing Taekwondo, he was very successful as a participant in many (inter) national tournaments (more than 140 prizes!). Master Willy achieved as a trainer and coach of Tomaz Barada (Slovenia), Julia Cross (Scotland) and Bianca Tapilatu (Netherlands) many successes. With the national teams of the Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, New Zealand and Norway he obtained more than 50 places of honor at both the European and World Championships. Meanwhile, he is also part of the International Competition Committee as one of the instructors who will teach at the International Competition Courses (ICC). A good opportunity for an interview about the past en present with a passionate Master with an impressive resume.

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