Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 Anxur Battle Terracina Open
Newsletter 2/2015
Anxur Battle Terracina Open

On the 26th of April approximately 360 athletes competed in the Anxur Battle Open Taekwon-do Tournament. This competition, has been, for some time now, an institutional milestone in the National and International circuit. Organized by Master Carmine Caiazzo dt of the ASD pal. M Caiazzo c/o the fabulous sporting center directed by the Pie Filippini teachers together with their technical and operative staff and the group captains, Lisa Reale, Fabiana Fiorini, Marco Fusco, Catia Savarese and Pasquale Palmieri.

In the tournament took part approximately 30 clubs - colored and black belts - in the junior and senior cadet division from all over Italy and the Italian National Team which will also participate in the upcoming World Championships from May 25th to the 31st in Jesolo Venice as well as the tenacious two schools from Poland headed by the coaches Lukasz Stawarz and Adam Alenowicz.

This great success has been achived by members of "Team Azzurro" headed by Master Ciro Cammarota and the strong competitors from Poland.

The Tournament was held according to the ITF Competition Rules in two classic Taekwon-do categories: patter and sparring.

President of the Fitae-Itf, Master Carmine Caiazzo, president of the legendary "M. CAIAZZO GYM", and head of the National ASI Martial Arts summarized the event:

"The gathering had a fine public turnout including approximately 360 athletes at The Pala Sport Pala Carucci of Terracina. Due to bureaucratic difficulties, the Uzbekistan and Indian teams were unable to participate. Last year the powerful team members From Holland and Uzbekistan were present indicating that the Taekwon-do ITF movement is growing continuously. To me, my father, Alfredo, personified Taekwon-do in all of its aspects and teachings.”

Medal Ranking
1st place Team Dolny Slask of Poland the much deserved, as predicted, dynamic Polish team leaded by Mr. Lukasz Stawarz and Adam Alenowicz
2nd place ASD Mixed Martial Arts Mr. Massimo Persia and Mr. Alessandro Cavidossi
3rd place ASD Crew Fighters Master Cammarota and Mr. De Lucia Mario
4th place ASD Sinergy Sport Team Rinaldi Mr. Fabio Rinaldi
5th place ASD Four kick Mr. Manno and Mr. Capolongo

All winners received the traditional trophy as well as a diploma and a T-shirt. The first place winner also received a free stay in a four star hotel in Terracina offered by the “Terracina d’Amare” group.

Master Ciro Cammarota was also awarded as The National Coach alongside Mr. Mario De Lucia and Rachele Fogli of The National Cadet Section.

Compliments went also to Adriana Riccio for her great demonstration of the Women's Sr. National and to A. Lisa Morganti and C. Palmacci of The Forma Fluens Gym for their brilliant dance and gymnastics performance.

In the opening ceremony present was Mrs. Rita Visini of the Sport and Social Politics Council of Regione Lazio and Dr. Nicola Procaccini, the Mayor of Terracina, who, in the spirit of the sport, greeted the entire "Team Azzurro"; participants in the upcoming world championships in Jesolo Venice and awarded the winners of each categories.

The organizers expressed also their thanks to the City of Terracina and to all of its supporters, who hosted the event, to all of the technical staff headed by Lisa Reale, Fabiana Fiorini, Marco Fusco, Catia Savarese, Laura De Simone and the operative staff - the Medica Cross, Doctor Rosario Cestra and Doctor Adriano Benedetti as well as the Lions of Terracina represented by Dr. Maceroni Salvatore.

Technical sponsor of the competiotn was Nikko Sport.

See you all at The Anxur Battle 2016 edition.

Master Carmine Caiazzo
President ASD FITAE - ITF

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