Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 Czech Republic National Championship
Newsletter 2/2015
Czech Republic National Championship

At the sunny third weekend of May there was the National championship of Korean self defence art Taekwon-Do ITF in Central Bohemian city of Benátky upon Jizera. Czech championship in Taekwon-Do ITF 2015 took place in the Dražice arena on the 16.5.2015. It was the top event for the Czech Taekwon-Do members.

Totally 90 competitors of all age categories from the youngest pupils to the veterans took part in this championship. Taekwon-Do schools of Čerčany, Velké Popovice, Kunice, Benátky n/J, Strančice, Milovice, Mladá Boleslav and Pečky nominated their competitors into this competition.

The competition started with the festive line-up of all nominated competitors and coaches at 10 a.m., after coaches and referees had received instructions. Viktor Stain the IV. Dan the President of the Czech Taekwon-Do ITF national union and the international instructor in one person together with other representatives of CzNTU opened the competition by delivering their festive speeches. Mrs. Lucie Poláčková expressed thanks not only to partners and sponsors, but also to the local Sokol, business subjects and individuals, who participated directly in the action as organizers or subsidized it financially or materially.

Then the competition started. It was fought in three tatami rings and the fourth ring was dedicated to special techniques and breaking. Technical exercises Tul were proceeding in the morning. There excelled the young taekwondoists, who took part in big competitions for the first time. At noon there was one hour lunch break for refreshment, relax and preparation matsogi. After the lunch the competition continued with the attractive discipline Tul team, in which two teams from the school TKD Strančice won and they took the first and the second places. The team TKD Kunice was on the third place. The matches continued under huge encouraging and cheering by participating teams. At that time the organizing team prepared the results list. However all remained secret until the finally festive announcement.

During the day the competitions for all age categories proceeded. They were in different disciplines from exercises Tul colour belts, special techniques, breaking, matsogi fights of the heaviest weight categories. The competition culminated by the declaration of winners and medals the decoration to new Champions of the Czech Republic for the year 2015.

This year´s grade was also viewed by numerous, spectators of parents and friends. It is very good as it is necessary for parents to see their children´s capabilities their further support for this sport, which is indispensible.

In the end the President expressed his thanks to all competitors and he congratulated winners on their success. On this opportunity the best competitors were photographed and were given prize from sponsors.

Now we are looking forward to next Championship of the Czech Republic in Taekwon-Do ITF 2016.

The competition was held under the support of many partners without their contribution the Championship of CR couldn´t be held.

Special thanks belong to:

The company DNS which is the leading distributor of IT technologies and the partner of DELL, MICROSOFT, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Check Point, for their significant financial amount.

The firm Hayashi and Mr. Miroslav Sobotka, who are the supplier of sporting goods. This partner gave the main prize in form of a voucher for the purchase in his shops. He supports the National representation.

Mr. Marek Vilímovský´s company MV Print for his arrangement of posters and publicity materials.

The local organization Sokol and Mr. Jiří Lhoťan for medals mediation and Dražice arena where the competition was performed.

We must thank to parents and friends, who helped with organization during the competition and to many others...

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