Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 Seminar with Mr Bordiez and Mr Altinier
Newsletter 2/2015
Seminar with Mr Bordiez and Mr Altinier

For almost 2 years the club ITF Brussels (ITF-Belgium) tried to get Sabums Marcelo Bordiez (one of the national coaches of Argentina) and Ivan Altinier (member of the technical committee), both VĀ°degree, to Belgium for a seminar.

Sabum Virginia Dionisi, Boosabum Gonzalo Escribano Tejerina and some of their students (e.g. Pablo Pascuzzo, Daniel Kampff, Benito Martinez) succeeded to organize a seminar with them on Saturday June 6th, in Ottignies near Louvain-la-Neuve.

Marcelo Bordiez (former member of the Argentinean team & World Champion) and Ivan Altinier stayed in Europe after the World Championships in Jesolo (Italy) to visit e.g. Rome and Paris. Before leaving back to Argentina they were willing to come to Belgium to conduct a superb sparring seminar. They were accompanied by three juniors of the Argentinean team : Melissa Altinier, Aldana Bordiez and Leandro Soto, and supporter Fernando Soto who made quite some nice pictures. Mr. Soto is also developping a totally new brand of equipment.

The seminar started at 10.00 with an introduction of the instructors and guests, who also received some presents like e.g. Belgian chocolates and some ITF-Belgium souvenirs (t-shirts, pens, pins, stickers). Sabum Bordiez also received a jacket of ITF Brussels, the club of which his former student Pablo Pascuzzo is member since years.

The morning session was only open to juniors and seniors. After the warming-up and stretching Marcelo Bordiez gave some very nice sparring exercises, with an emphasis on mobility and with a good explanation on why and when to use this exercises, also putting forward some alternatives.The session took 2,5 hours.

Just after lunch break there was the time to take some pictures.

Sabums Bordiez and Altinier also took the opportunity to give a present to one of the participants, Maxime Regnard, 9th kup, who was doing all exercises with great enthusiasm and motivation, although he has some physical disabilities. Both instructors were impressed by his attitude, and put him forward as an example to all of us.

The afternoon session was also open to children. Ivan Altinier started with warming-up, based on mobiliy, and exercises on balance, followed by pad training : how to give kicks in a correct way. Sabum Bordiez then gave more sparring exercises, with an emphasis on punches and combinations, followed by pad training with combinations of kicks. Sabum Altinier then went on with stretching.

The seminar ended with the possibility to ask some questions to both instructors and their three junior competitors. The afternoon session took about 3 hours.

The seminar was really fantastic, the exercises were nice and informative, the explanation of the instructors was to the point, but especially their way of teaching, their way of motivating the participants, their respect and attitude were inspiring to all persons present.

Many thanks for this enjoyable seminar, and many thanks to ITF Brussels for the organization of the event.

Annick Van Driessche
President ITF-Belgium

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