Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 Hosin-sul Seminar with Mr. Rolstad
Newsletter 2/2015
Hosin-sul Seminar with Mr. Rolstad

Saturday 16 of may 2015 was a special day for the south of Sweden. Ljungby Taekwon-Do club with Mr. Peter Logozar organized a self-defense seminar, instructors for this event was Mr. Roy Rolstad V Dan and Mr. Tore Grytten Sandnes III Dan from the Norwegian organization NTN. Mr. Roy is truly one of the best instructors that I have had the privilege to meet and be taught by when it comes to the Self-defense part of our training. We were about fifty participant’s mixt grades and ages, the fact that it was people from Sweden, Norway and Denmark gave the seminar an international touch witch was appreciated by everyone there.

We started the day in a very educational way with sabum Roy showing us a PowerPoint with a brief but concentrated theoretical introduction following with alternative self-defense applications from our patterns and techniques, this is partial from the Radix project that Sabum Roy co-founded together with Sabum Robert Boer from the Netherlands . The PowerPoint was always present during the day and we did stops during the exercises to look closer in to the crucial parts of each exercise. This seminar was well organized, educational and fluent with a theme that followed us from the beginning to the end of the day.


The first session was about locking’s, retaining and controlling against hand techniques. After the first session we were all ready for some lunch at the Asian restaurant Peking in the City of Ljungby, Good food in a friendly environment.

After the lunch break we continued with self-defense against knife and club. This part followed the theme from the first session combined with new practical and theoretical moments. During this session Sabums famous chock knife came to use as an extra stress factor, the knife made everyone in the room feel a realistic pressure and it made us focus a bit more.

The last session was all about semi free/free self-defense sparring. Sabum Roy has an exceptional ability to capture participants with theoretical practical parts of self-defense; I can say that I consider Mr Roy to be an expert in giving Light bolt moments and eye openers. This was the third time for me to train for Sabum Roy and every time I learn something new a thru inspiration. I believe that everyone who was in Ljungby Taekwon-Dos Do-jang this day learned something new.

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