Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 “Vratsa” Cup Report
Newsletter 2/2015
“Vratsa” Cup Report

On 23-24 May 2015 in “PMG” Sports Hall, Vratsa city, Bulgaria was held the National Quadrathlon Taekwon-Do Tournament for “Vratsa” Cup. After more than 10 years the Taekwon-Do competition is reborn in the city. The event was held under the patronage of the Mayor of Vratsa Municipality Mr. Nikolai Ivanov. Coorganizers of the event were Sports Association of Ministry of Interior, Central Police Taekwon-Do Club, Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do and the Municipality of Vratsa.

Official guests to the competition were Mr. Nikolai Ivanov – Mayor of Vratsa Municipality, Mrs. Irina Ivanova – Deputy District Governor of Vratsa Municipality, Mrs. Veronika Bozova – Representative of Vratsa District Court.

154 children aged 6-13 years from 21 clubs competed in the individual disciplines: Pattern, Sparring, Special Tecnique and Power Test.

The Chairman of the umpire committee Mr. Vencislav Ignatov - managed a team of 35 umpires in 3 rings for the 2 days. Awards for best complex competitors for each age and gender division were given for forth time. The winning places were decided according to collected points from the different disciplines.

Boys 6-7 yearsDamyan Damyanov “TC CSKA - 55 School” 29 points;
Girls 6-7 years Anzhela Ivanova CPTC “97 School” 20 points;
Boys 8-9 years Dobril Vaskov CPTC “137 School” 29 points;
Girls 8-9 years Ivana Ivanova CPTC “90 School” 27 points;
Boys 10-11 years Nikolai Ivanov CPTC “86 School” 38 points;
Girls 10-11 years Kalina Buhleva TC “CSKA - 55 School” 38 points;
Boys 12-13 years Rosen Gerov CPTC “Rakovski” 36 points;
Girls 12-13 years Alexandra Slavcheva TC “Levski - 61 School" 40 points.

Winners of National Quadrathlon Taekwon-Do Tournament for “Vratsa” Cup
1. TC “Levski - 61 School" – 279 points;
2. CPTC “97 School” – 271 points;
3. CPTC “NSOU Sofia” – 239 points.

Yavor Tasev
BAT Secretary General

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