Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 June Black Belt Test in Poland
Newsletter 2/2015
June Black Belt Test in Poland

On the days 5th – 6th June 2015 in Lublin took place a technical seminar, organized traditionally before the black belt grading. The seminar was conducted by Master Jerzy Jedut – 8th Degree, the PTA Vice-President on technical matters.

Together 36 participants from 14 clubs took part in the tutorial. Those clubs were: 1. AT Virtus Łomazy, 2. GKS Posejdon Gdynia, 3. KAT Kraśnik, 4. KKSW Lubin, 5. KS Taekwon Kolbudy, 5. KT ITF Szczecin, 6. KTT Łodź, 7. TAEWO KWSW Warszawa, 8. LKSW Tajfun Legionowo, 9. LSKT Lublin, 10. MKS ŻAK Biała Podlaska, 11. PSKT Poznań, 12. RSCT Radzyń Podlaski, 13. RzKT Rzeszów, 14. UKS SP 6 Lublin.

Master Jedut stated that he is very pleased that not only the candidates for black belt test take part in the seminar but also many instructors, who are participating in order to refresh the knowledge about the technical details and to improve their training workshop.

List of the seminar participants:
 # Name Degree Club
 # Name Degree Club

Due to the high number of candidates for black belt test the exam started already on Saturday evening at 6.00 p.m. and was continued on Sunday, June 7th.

The panel of examiners consisted of GM Ung Kim Lan, Master Jerzy Jedut, Master Zbigniew Bujak and Master Janusz Gutkowski. During the weekend 47 candidates applied for black belts of which 31 were promoted: 30 people for 1st Degree and 1 person for 3rd Degree.

List of the promoted:
 # Name Club Degree
 # Name Club Degree

We would like to congratulate to all promoted people and wish them good luck on the next level in their way in Taekwon-Do.

The next seminar and black belt exam in Poland will take place on 11-13th June 2015 in Lublin.

On Saturday evening GM Ung Kim Lan and the members of the examiners panel as well as some participants of the seminar and grading visited the old town in order to enjoy the Lublin Night of Culture. It is an incredible event organized every year since 2007 on the first weekend of June, during which hundreds of artists from home as well as invited guests present their way of seeing art in different areas subjected to: film, physical culture, music, dance, theater, knowledge, visual art and many other performances. During that event all the Museums in Lublin are open and free to visit. A magical event in order discover and to “see the energy of the Lublin city”.

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