Newsletter Newsletter 2/2015 Witold Brzozowski Passed Away
Newsletter 2/2015
Witold Brzozowski Passed Away

Polish Taekwon-do Association regrets to inform that on the 28th June 2015 in Krakow passed away Witold Brzozowski, at the age of 59 as a result of long battle with heart disease. Witold Brzozowski – IV Dan, was one of the precursors of Taekwon-do in Poland.

He started his adventure with martial arts during his stay and studies in Argentina at the end of 1970s, where for 3 years he was studying karate with excellent teacher and master Mitsuo Inoue (VI Dan). After coming back to Poland in 1978, he kept on perfecting his skills in karate and simultaneously began practicing Taekwon-Do - first in the school of Marek Lech, famous teacher and follower of martial arts, connected with Krakow theater “Stu”, and then with Korean masters: Sok Min Chol (IV Dan), Sin Jae Sop (IV Dan), Chon Dae Jong (V Dan), Kim Jong Su (VI Dan) or Choi Jung Hwa (VII Dan). He participated several times in training seminars conducted by the creator of Taekwon-Do Gen. Choi Hong Hi – IX Dan. He was also ameliorating his skills during Taekwon-do traineeship in North Korea in 1988.

Mr. Brzozowski was the founder and then the leading coach of TKKF “Hwarang” in Krakow (1985 – 89). In 1989 he moved to Warsaw, when he founded Taekwon-do section at Academic Sports Union Club of Warsaw Polytechnic (1989 – 91). After that he created Akademia Taekwon-Do “Sabum”, where he was the leading coach (1991-95).

In 1995 he returned to Krakow and he founded Sportowy Klub Taekwon-Do “Sung”, where he was the coach till his last days.

Mr. Brzozowski’s activity was not limited exclusively to didactics. He was also having several social functions: in years 1977-79 he was Vice-President of Taekwon-Do Clubs and Sections Council in Poland for sport and technical issues (the then Polish Association). In 1994-95 he was the chief editor of magazine “Taekwon-do!”. His social activity was recognized and in 1999 he was given the Bronze Award for Services to Sport.

Thanks to his wide interests and knowledge of several areas of life, he won the competition to run as webmaster the following web pages about Taekwon-do: International Taekwon-do Federation, European Taekwon-do Federation ( since 2004 till now) and Polish Taekwon-do Association (since 1997 till now). He was the creator and the main author of those websites. He also ran other minor web pages. He was the author of some catalogues and bulletins about Taekwon-do.

The most famous students of Mr. Witold Brzozowski were: Artur Chmielarz, Agnieszka Puścian, Piotr Kurkus, Piotr Wypchał and many others. They all won medals on both national and international competitions.

Mr. Witold Brzozowski will be remembered as a very intelligent, stubborn and witty person. We will miss his technical support for Polish Taekwon-do Association, as well as his sharp tongue and many controversial opinions, his long philosophical discussions and constructive arguments. We will miss him as a friend, with whom we could talk about everything.

On the behalf of the Board and all Members of Polish Taekwon-do Association, we would like to express our deep sympathy to his Family, Friends and Students.

We will inform you about the funeral which will take place in Warsaw as soon as possible.

Tadeusz Łoboda
and grieving Board and Members
of Polish Taekwon-do Association

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