Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 Jaroslaw Suska – UK seminars 2015 Report
Newsletter 3/2015
Jaroslaw Suska – UK seminars 2015 Report

Since having Mr Jaroslaw Suska over in the UK in 2014 for Seminars, both of the organisers – Mr Paul Palcic (Palcic TKD) and Mr Tom Nicholson (Pro-Action Martial arts) were overwhelmed with the amount of great feedback and inundated with enquiries for a second UK seminar. It is with this in mind that we arranged for Mr Suska to come to the UK for a second round of seminars in June 2015.

With social media videos and articles, having a massive impact, and word of mouth giving amazing feedback, it is fair to say that both expectations, and interest in this years seminars were very high, especially from independent TKD practitioners. A name like Jaroslaw Suska, has the ability to pull people from everywhere in the common interest of learning from one of the very best patterns champions in the history of ITF TKD. It was with this interest of common brotherhood in TKD that we opened this years seminars up to all practitioners.

When we picked Mr Suska up from the airport, we were immediately reminded of one of the many reasons we booked him to come over to the UK for a second year running. Mr Suska, as always, was humble, sincere, and obviously very passionate about TaeKwon-Do. He asked many questions about how best to conduct the seminars. He is a man who genuinely wants people to benefit from attending his sessions, and is keen to give as much of his knowledge as he can.

The first seminar day was spent in Pro-Action martial arts fantastically equipped academy in Northampton, with a very well attended colour belt session in the morning. And then an amazing Black Belt session in the afternoon. The second day was spent in Palcic TKD’s large venue in Kingsbury, North West London. Both days followed the same format with an official duration of a 2 hour colour belt seminar, followed by a 3 hour black belt seminar. In typical Suska fashion, we were told that these times were not long for him to give the sort of session and information that he wanted to give, and so in reality, the colour belts lasted about 3 hours and the black belts about 4 and half hours!!

It was decided after last years seminars, that what everyone really wanted was to focus on drills to develop the kicking skills demonastrated by Mr Suska, as well as lots of patterns training. All this and much much more was delivered by Mr Suska on the days. And even though expectations were very high, Mr Suska managed to deliver seminars way beyond everyones expectations!

Colour Belts were put through some very creative training methods for developing strength in legs and kicking drills, as well as various partner exercises specifically designed to develop kicks. The second half of their session was spent in covering all colour belt patterns in details, including demonstrations and technical corrections. Even whilst the sessions were in progress, it was clear to see that colour belt students were amazed atthe amount of knowledge they were getting. They were all amazed at the skills Mr Suska demonstrated, most of them never having a chance to see such a legendary TKD practioner in action before!

Next up was the Black Belt sessions. In both locations we are very please to say we had massive turnouts from Black Belts from all across the Uk, with grades all the way up to VI degree in attendance. It was clear that many black belts in attendance were themselves competitors, and indeed, one was a current world champion! It was also clear that many groups sent their top Patterns students to come and learn and partake of the knowledge and skill that has helped make Mr Jaroslaw Suska such a legend.

The Black Belt sessions were utterly brilliant. A combination of intense physical work, and very high end patterns training. In many ways this session reminded us of an IIC – so many high end black belts in attendance, and so much focus on breaking down each pattern to correct all common mistakes. Once again Mr Suska’s passion for our art was clear. He encouraged all to ask questions and made sure that every person benifited from being on the seminar, and I think every person got a bit of personal attention from him.

Once again to mention – On all these sessions Mr Suska sincerity and humbleness shone through. It is obvious from the seminars that he is not only an amazing TKD champion, but also an extremely good coach and passionate instructor.

Of course a Suska seminar would never be complete without a little demonstration from the man himself! And these demonstrations came in abundance, with his truly excellent kicking skills being demonstrated through out the seminars. These kicks were amazing, HOWEVER – it wasn’t until the second day, at the end of the 4 and half hour black belt seminar, when Mr Suska was asked to demonstrate a pattern, that he revealed that all throughout the seminars he had been teaching and demonstrating such awesome kicks with a torn hamstring!!

It turned out that Mr Suska pulled his hamstring on the first morning session, but not wanting to let people down, continued to demonstrate throughout the weekend. This information only came to light on the final Black Belt session when students asked him to perform MOON MOO TUL. On this request, that Mr Suska was too generous to refuse, he announced that he pulled his hamstring, and apologised profusely for how poor the pattern would be because of his damaged leg – he then went onto perform the best example of MOON MOO that many in the hall have ever seen!! Then apologised some more at the end that is wasn’t as good as he would like it to be...

To sum up the whole experience of Having Jaroslaw Suska once again visit us here in the UK, it was simply brilliant, 100 percent amazing feedback, and a total honour for us. We are very much looking forwards to next years sessions, which we have of course already confirmed the dates for.

Paul Palcic (Palcic TKD) Tom Nicholson (Pro-Action Martial Arts)

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