Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 20th Central Summer Camp in Poland
Newsletter 3/2015
20th Central Summer Camp in Poland

For the twentieth time Lublin Sport Taekwon-Do Club and MKS Lewart AGS Lubartów were hosting the Central Summer Taekwon-Do Camp, which took place in the term from 3rd to 12th July 2015 in the sport facilities of Faculty of Physical Education in Biala Podlaska. .

130 participants and 11 members of the teaching staff took part in this edition of the Central Summer Taekwon-Do Camp. The attendees were representing eight countries: Belarus, Belgium, England, Ireland, Latvia, Romania, Russia and Poland. From the host country came to Biała Podlaska members of 15 schools: 1. MKS Żak Biała Podlaska, 2. CzAT Częstochowa, 3. MKS Lewart AGS Lubartów, 4. LKST Lublin, 5. Centrum Taekwon-Do w Łodzi, 6. KTT Łodź, 7. AT VIRTUS w Łomazach, 8. UKS Pyzdrskie Centrum Taekwon-Do, 9. RSCT Radzyń Podlaski, 10. RKT Feniks-Arete Rybnik, 11. RzKT Rzeszów, 12. SKT w Trawnikach, 13. SSKT Garda Warszawa, 14. WITKD KWAN w Warszawie, 15. WSKT Wrocław.

As always before, also this time the camp had its stars (read: outstanding competitors), especially in the juniors group. Some individual Junior World Champions 2015 in sparring from Jesolo came to Biała Podlaska: Zuzanna Gadzala (up to 60kg), Patrycja Pietak (up to 50 kg), Jakub Gadzała (over 75 kg), bronze medalist as well as Paulina Dzieńkowska (up to 55 kg), but also Junior European Champion 2014 in individual pattern – Konstanty Łomiński or the silver medalist of individual pattern at the European Cup 2014 - Aleksiej Rachkovsky (Belarus). Next to the juniors there was also an impressive array of current or former competitors of the Polish National Team. Therefore nobody could complain about the lack of demanding sparring partners.

The central camp features the fact that there are separate groups for children and adults. The teaching staff mostly consists of well known authorities in Taekwon-Do world with the acknowledged professional achievements. Therefore the tutorial is of such a great importance here. Training classes are conducted by Master Jerzy Jedut – 8th Degree, Master Tadeusz Loboda – 8th Degree, Mr. Jaroslaw Suska – 6th Degree, Mr. Robert Jasiński – 6th Degree, Mr. Slawomir Kamola (5th Degreee) and Mr. Andrzej Kozlowski (2nd Degree).

The individual classes, especially with Master Jedut can not be emphasized enough, because in an analytic way he can break down each movement into its individual parts.

Also an outstanding competitor’s experience of Mr. Suska as well as his exceptionally long training praxis in Taekwon-Do gives the training classes under his leadership remarkably high standards and quality. Each instructor owns many advantages which are being appreciated by all participants.

Next to Taekwon-Do classes the participants could enjoy yoga or self-defense classes or use advantage of the swimming pool. Some of them also took the opportunity and went for excursions to Warsaw and Lublin.

On Friday 10th July Mr. Janusz Wlizlo, the former coach of Radzynska Academy of Taekwon-do, came to Biala Podlaska. Mr. Wlizło promotes currently a board game under the name “Conceptus Masters”, which he invented himself. During the day Mr. Wlizło held the workshops on the game which finished with a tournament in the evening. The winner was Mr. Jaroslaw Suska. Each participant received some souvenirs referring to the game and the winners took diplomas as well as original trophies.

At the request of many attendees, the next, already 21st edition of the Central Summer Taekwon-Do Camp will take place in a different term, which will be the second half of August 2016.

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