Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 ITF-Grandmaster Ung Kim Lan, IX. Degree, visiting Troisvierges / Lux.
Newsletter 3/2015
ITF-Grandmaster Ung Kim Lan, IX. Degree, visiting Troisvierges / Lux.

Taekwon-Do Norden, so far the sole ITF-Club in Luxembourg, had arranged a Seminar (Tul & Sparring) at Troisvierges in the North of Luxembourg on July 4th, 2015. Mr. Hardy Viktor, President and Taekwon-do Head Instructor of the hosting club, had brought Grandmaster Ung Kim Lan to Luxembourg.

GM Ung Kim Lan, IX. Dan, who is living in Germany, is a Member of the Technical & Instruction Committee of ITF and one of the most respected Taekwon-Do – Characters world-wide.

44 Taekwon-Do Practitioners from 2. Grade up to VIII. Degree of 6 European Countries (Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France and England) had travelled into Troisvierges at this Saturday. That day of all days should become the hottest day of a heatwave...
But by installing some floor fans and an air conditioner the organizer was able to reduce the temperatures in the hall down to a bearable level.

After a short delay GM Ung Kim Lan opened the Seminar with a little warming-up, followed by basics such as hand and foot techniques / combinations. With Chon-Ji - Tul GM Ung Kim Lan rapidly went into the main subject of the Seminar and very soon it became clear, what he was getting at.

GM Ung Kim Lan did not put the focus on just practising the Pattern movements mechanically. But rather he put the emphasis on less obvious aspects, considering that most of the attendees were (experienced) blackbelt-holders.

He showed, how a modest use of the sinewave effects relaxation and power and leading to a harmonic motion. He pointed out, that proper breathing has vital significance on the dynamic of a motion and the balance as well. He gave examples, that in Pattern you will find successive motion sequences, which you have to visualise through the rhythm of the performance.

GM Ung Kim Lan also admitted, that he is worried about developments concerning certain competition rules, pushing traditional aspects – not only in Patterns - aside.

At the end of the Seminar everybody agreed to replace Sparring with Self-Defence, not least of the temperatures...
„In a case of self-defence there are no rules!“, stressed GM Ung Kim Lan. Then he showed just a few simple variations of Taekwon-Do – Techniques and pointed out, that you only succeed, if you have the right mental attitude, such as keeping cool, being dertermined and self-confident, … beside all the proper Taekwon-Do -Tools.

After long hours and high temperatures GM Ung Kim Lan closed the Seminar looking into tired but content faces.
GM Ung Kim Lan had shared a very personal view on Taekwon-Do, enriched with little quite interesting anecdotes of the times, the General was around...

What an amazing experience!
Addandum: Many thanks to the organizer Hardy Viktor and his stuff Marco and Miguel and their families
- for keeping up the hall
- for providing us with COLD drinks, fruits and food
- for manufacturing the nice presents (for the Grandmaster and Masters).

And – last but not least – many thanks to the sponsor MightyFist (Jonathan & friends) for the kind support.

Words: stz
media: mgaspar

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