Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 Summer Exam Session in Bulgaria
Newsletter 3/2015
Summer Exam Session in Bulgaria

As tradition for the Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do the training season ends with exams where all practitioners can check their abilities and knowledge acquired during this period. For this reason was organized 2 months exam session consisting of exams dedicated to the different technical degrees of the applicants.

June 5-6, 2015, 5 School “Ivan Vazov”, Sofia city, holders of 10-9 kup – 119 applicants;

June 10, 2015, city of Vratsa, holders of 10 kup – 8 applicants – first exam for the new region of Bulgarian Association of Taekwon-Do;

June 13-14, 2015, 78 School “Hristo Smirnenski”, city of Bankya, holders of 8-5 kup – 72 applicants;

July 4-5, 2015, 97 School “Bratya Miladinovi”, Sofia city, holders of 4-1 kup – 25 applicants;

July 19, 2015, 90 School “Gen. Jose de San Martin”, Sofia city, holders of I and II dan – 7 applicants – this was the culmination of the session with the special guest to conduct the exam Master Panagiotis Gialamas from Greece;

Yavor Tasev
BAT Secretary General

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