Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 TWO LOVES
Newsletter 3/2015

On August 15, 2015, wedding bells have rang for  Barbara Joanna Niziołek and Artur Osuchowski, IVth DAN in  TKD, leader and KS Wojownik, coach in  Kłobuck and KS Dragon Janów competitor. The event was spectacular! Most likely for the first time in history of the Taekwon-do world wise and certainly in history of the Taekwon-do in Poland, the groom was dressed in dobok in stead of the traditional wedding suit.

To make it even more exciting, best man as well as many guests, pupils and colleagues from KS Dragon were also dressed in doboks. Over 200 people attended the ceremony. Couple preformed their first dance at the “Venice” restaurant in Klobuck. Dance was choreographed based on Hwa Rang pattern.

Congratulations especially to a courageous bride who doesn’t actually practice Taekwon-do! Kudos to the groom for an unconventional idea. Artur has passed his passion not only on his pupils but apparently also on his newlywed wife.

After wedding young couple left for honeymoon to Portugal.

Congratulations to the newly weds! Wishing them all the joy and happiness of married life. Hoping Artur will continue to develop his sport passion and that his wife will find patience and understanding for it.

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