Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 Summer camp Taekwon-Do ITF
Newsletter 3/2015
Summer camp Taekwon-Do ITF

Again we have met at next summer camp Taekwon-Do ITF held by CzNTU in pretty surroundings of southbohemian forrests, in area of „Eldorado Tabory OKO“. We have been accomodated in nice huts near the pond. in this area there were many possibilities to do sports activities – swimming pool, football and voleyball playground, shooting range, rope track, paintball area and large greenfields ideal to do Taekwon-Do trainings.

There were 52 participants from several clubs of CzNTU and also few children non-Taekwondoists. Leaders of the camp were president of CzNTU international instructor Viktor Stein, chairman of Technical committee international instructor Kamil Kolofík, both IV. Dan and leader of Club Benátky nad Jizerou Mr. Jan Růžička, III. Dan. As supporters there were doctor Jana Maršíková and photographer Robert Pokorný.

This year the weather was very warm, the temperature was about 35°C so we had to adapt trainings to this situation – we integrated some trainings in swimming pool to our programme. This camp was primarily focused on basic techniques and self defence. During all camp there was possibility to have personal trainings with black belts during free time. Evenings were about disco, campfires and night game. We also held 2 wholeday trips – first to the historical town Písek and second to the Orlík dam.

The camp was very successful and we were sad that it ends so early. Nowadays we are looking forward next events helded by CzNTU to meet our friends...

In attachement you can find Summer bulletin special with everyday reports and many photos.

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