Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 Umpire & VIP Hotel Information
Newsletter 3/2015
Umpire & VIP Hotel Information

Dear Sirs,
In order to prepare for these Championships we now ask for the hotel requirements of your Umpire(s) selected for the European Championships, as well as your VIP’s who require accommodation during the championships.
Please note the information previously given out as part of the Official Invitation.

• Umpires will be accommodated in twin rooms from Tue 20th – Mon 26th October. Those who require a single room must pay the supplement of £30.00 per night. Where an umpire wishes to be accommodated with their partner/guest, the guest must pay the rate of £65.00 per night for the room.
• Umpires not selected, but wishing to participate and approved by the AETF Tournament & Umpire Committee, must cover their hotel accommodation according to the above-mentioned arrangements.
• VIP’s will be accommodated in the VIP Hotel at the Member countries expense.

Please detail the arrival and departure date and time of the umpires and VIP’s, and to which airport, also if they require transport to and from the airport.

We ask that all details are returned by Saturday 5th September in order to make the room bookings, after this date we cannot guarantee the rate’s will be as mentioned above.

Details should be sent to

Yours in Taekwon-Do,
Mr. John McIlvaney
Organizing Committee

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