Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 Black Belt Academy VII
Newsletter 3/2015
Black Belt Academy VII

Black Belt Academy is a national combined training camp and instructors course which is held in Skövde, Sweden every August.

This year Master Swavek Dydiszko conducted Black Belt Academy for the 7th time and almost 80 participants from the whole of Sweden took part.

The main focus was on enhancing the technique for performing the kicks required for grading to different black belt degrees.

The national exercises for step sparring and self-defense were also practiced. There was also a one hour theory lesson focusing on the history of ITF both in Sweden and in the world.

Black Belt Academy VII was much appreciated among the participants as a great kick-off for the season in the aspect of both technical skills and as a social event.

A short film with self-defense from BBA 2015:

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