Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 Course with Master Carlos Ramirez in Israel
Newsletter 3/2015
Course with Master Carlos Ramirez in Israel

Today, On September 11th 2015, The Taekwon-Do ITF in Israel had the honor to welcome Master Carlos Ramirez, 8th Degree from the United States who is also a member of the Ethics & Discipline Committee, as he conducted a special two hours class for advanced belts, taking a break from his vacation especially for us.

Master Ramirez is a guest of Sabum-Nim Mario Cosacow, 6th degree.

The class was hosted in the Dojang of Sabum-Nim Leonardo Oros Duek, 6th Degree, in the presence of the President of the Israeli association, Sabum-Nim Danny Roth, 6th degree, and also was present Sabum-Nim Sergei Harchenko, 5th degree.

As the Jewish New Year is celebrated now, Master Ramirez asked that the payment for the class will be a donation of products for families in need, in order to celebrate the holiday properly.

Students from the cities Zichron Ya'akov, Yoqne'am, Haifa and Karmiel attended the special class.

Master Ramirez gave the student a hard, but fun, interesting class with many tips and ideas, reminding us of the basics and importance of the principles, and of course, the ethics.

Later he reviewed a few patterns of the three students who will be representing Israel in the upcoming European Championships in Scotland.

At the end of the class we took a group photo and Master Ramirez wished everyone a "Shana Tova" (Happy New Year).

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