Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 28th Polish Senior Taekwon-Do Championships
Newsletter 3/2015
28th Polish Senior Taekwon-Do Championships

On the days 25th -27th September 2015 in Kłobuck took place the 28th Polish Senior Taekwon-Do Championships. The main organizer of the event was Mr. Slawomir Jaskula, 2nd Degree, the head coach of the Uczniowski Ludowy Klub Sportowy „Orient” Kłobuck. The honour patron of the Championships was Mr. Henryk Kiepura – District Head of Kłobuck City.

A special guest of the Championships was Ms. Otylia Jedrzejczak, the Olympic Champion in swimming - butterfly style - from Athens 2004, a many times medallist of the World, European or Polish Championships – the most recognizable female competitor in swimming in Poland, and since many years a Taekwon-Do well-wisher.

During the official opening ceremony and the final gala, in the presence of numerous invited guests and the publicity, Master Tadeusz Loboda – the President of Polish Taekwon-Do Association, honoured on behalf of Mr. Adam Korol, Minister of Sport of Republic of Poland with occasional diplomas the competitors – who were finalists of the Senior and Junior World Championships 2015 in Italy, where the Polish Team won together 40 medals: 8 gold, 13 silver and 19 bronze. So the list of the awarded competitors was really impressive.

A very important and emotional point of the evening was a special moment for Ms. Joanna Paprocka, who after the World Championships 2015 in Italy officially finished her sport carrier. As one of the most titled Taekwon-Do female competitors in the world and main competitor of the Polish National Team in the years 1998-2015, Joanna was honored in Jesolo with a prestigious award dedicated to the most outstanding athletes of the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

In his speech Master Loboda expressed his thanks to Joanna Paprocka for 17 years of representing the national colors of Poland at the highest sport level. in the mentioned period of time Joanna won among others 3-times the Individual World Champion title, 6-time European Champion title and was seventeen times Polish Champion. Ms. Paprocka was honored with the congratulatory letters and occasional souvenirs prepared by the Polish Taekwon-Do Association as well as by her home school LKS Lotos Jablonna. Joanna thanked everyone for all the years of cooperation, especially expressing a special gratitude to her coach Mr. Tomasz Szczepaniuk, who was very touched by the moment. The highlight of the event was a standing ovation for Ms. Joanna Paprocka.

Over 166 competitors from 36 schools came to Klobuck to fight during 2-days competition for the primacy in the senior Taekwon-Do in Poland.

In the general classification of clubs the first three places took:
1. "Taewo" Klub Wschodnich Sportów Walki w Warszawie 4 5 11
2. Wrocławski Sportowy Klub Taekwon-do 4 3 4
3. Ludowy Klub Sportowy MATSOGI Ciechanów 4 3 (1) 3

The best female competitor became Ilona Omiecińska LKS Matsogi Ciechanów, who won two gold medals in the category of pattern 2nd Degree and sparring up to 62 kg. The best male competitor became Mr. Grzegorz Kraszewski from TAEWO KWSW Warszawa with one gold medal in the category of 1st Degree pattern and one silver medal in the sparring category up to 78 kg. The championships were the last possibility to check the shape of the competitors before the upcoming European Championships in Scotland.

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Parallel to the Polish Senior Championships took place also the individual power breaking for juniors. The category was combined with the competition for seniors due to the organizational and financial reasons, such as transport of the power breaking machines. The strongest junior competitors who reach for gold in the power breaking were: Monika Nyrć from LKS Lotos Jabłonna and Arkadiusz Grunwald from KS Taekwon Kolbudy.

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