Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 «Good enough» - sparring seminar for girls only!
Newsletter 3/2015
«Good enough» - sparring seminar for girls only!

«Good enough» is a seminar for and by girls, aimed at those afraid to do sparring, or simply want to get better at it! Linna Lundager got the idea for «Good enough» after repeatedly experiencing low participation in sparring among girls at championships, especially in the higher weight classes, compared to the male classes. Why this low participaton? After talking with several people, it became clear that girls need another introduction/approach to sparring than some of the boys do. The girls need to get comfortable with the aspect of punching/kicking others and getting punched/kicked. They also express that they want a safe environment when learning sparring, avoiding the competitive approach where the goal of every exercise is to «win» it, which they often felt was the case when they practiced with the boys. After thinking a bit more through this, Lundager had a long conversation with her former instructor, Kjell Gunnar Polden, and the idea of "Good enough" was born. The idea behind the seminar, is that girls should be able to practice sparring within a safe environment, where the focus is to get confident with and enjoying the different aspects of sparring. The seminar is therefore for girls only, with female instructors.

"Good enough" has been held annually in Norway (Surnadal) from 2009, with participants from across the country. Linna Lundager and Rita Sivertsvik, instructors from Trondheim Taekwon-Do club, have been the instructors at the seminar from the beginning, in addition to Anja Bertelsen who was a part of the instructor-team for many years. The seminar also have had guest instructors, like the former ITF Taekwon-Do Champion, Miss Julia Cross. «Good enough» has created great interest, and it was therefore desirable that it would be held in other parts of Norway as well. Line Reiten, instructor in Oslo East Taekwon-Do club, joined as instructor last year, and then came up with the idea to hold the seminar in eastern Norway as well. The weekend 19.-20. September it became a reality, and the first «Good enough» -seminar in eastern Norway was held! To participate at the seminar, you need to be at least 12 years old and hold a yellow belt. It was therefore great to see that over 50 cheerful and eager girls showed up, ranging from yellow belt to black belt, from beginners to junior national team athletes, and a ranging in age from 12-50 years!

The seminar was held in Oslo, with two traing-sessions on Saturday and two on Sunday. Both days started with an introduction-session to get startet, before the group was divided by interest/level for further tasks and sparring exercises. As in previous editions of "Good enough", a short theory-session was held on Saturday. This time we focused on the rules and regulations for sparring, followed by several questions from and interesting dicussions among the participants. In the last session of the weekend, the participants could test their new knowledge and skills in various matching-situations, where tasks and opponents were level-adapted. The social aspect is also an important part of the seminar, and those who had the opportunity went out for a dinner together Saturday night.

The instructors hope that all the participants of this edition of «Good Enough» had an inspiring, instructive and fun weekend! The next "Good enough" will be held in Surnadal in March 2016, and the next seminar in eastern Norway will be held the following autumn. Further information will be posted at National Taekwon-Do Norway’s websites,, so stay tuned! We wish both new and previous participants welcome to the next seminar!

Taekwon-Do regards from
Linna Lundager, Rita Sivertsvik and Line Reiten

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