Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 The Return of Katya Solovey
Newsletter 3/2015
The Return of Katya Solovey
AETF reporter
Norbert Érseki

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On 3-4th of October, the V. Mightyfist Eagles Cup was held in Hungary (see separate report on AETF website soon). for this occasion, the All Ukrainian Taekwon-do Federation’s delegation came to the competition, with 31 competitors. Before the competition, Mr. Oleg Solovey has shared the idea on Facebook, that Katya might fight again, so everyone waited excitedly for the occasion to happen. She was not competing in any event for 2 years now, but she took part only as a coach.

Let me tell you now a story of a real sportswoman.

She then really was registered for the competition. When the Senior Female Team Sparring was getting close, she was dressed in her shining white dobok, preparing and warming up with the team. Then their category finally came. They were on against the team of Buday (one of the biggest clubs in Hungary). for the first match, Katya was standing in her sparring gear, ready to fight. But then after a few moments, Oleg, her husband and coach told her to stand down, so they have sent another competitor. After 3 matches, their team was leading by 1 point (2:1), so if they were to win the next match, they would have been the winner. so they have really got Katya get her blue ribbon put on her belt, getting ready to fight. Her opponent from Buday was shorter than her, and her weight category was below Katya’s. The fight begun, and Katya has lead the match quickly, suppressing her opponent with her techniques. After one minute, countering a yop chagi, she was kicking a classic pandae dollyo, kicking her opponent’s unguarded head. Then her target went down unconscious, so the doctor was called to the tatami in a hurry.

Katya turned to his coach, and then went down sitting on her knees - if you have seen her sparring before, whenever there is a doctor involved, she does this, sitting on her knees, relaxed. But this is not about relaxation. This is a sign of respect, to the opponent. In many martial art systems, it is an obligation to sit down, showing their back to their counterpart, so they would not see them weak, or bleeding. In my opinion, this is a great way to show your respect to others, which is a basic rule of Taekwon-do.

The umpires were called to the jury table to discuss the event. After their decision, the referee - who was acting really prompt and professionally - called Katya to announce the winner of the round. The winner was Barbara – her opponent, so they disqualified Katya because she caused a serious injury. She did not make any faces, nodding respectfully that she completely subjects to the decision. Her first movement after the announcement was to go directly to the doctor’s corner to see her challenger’s condition, and to say sorry.

Katya's opponent was feeling better after the competition, she only got a mild concussion.

In my opinion she not just deserves her titles because of her world class techniques, but she is really a true martial artist, and a person of respect!

This was the first time ever I have seen Katya fighting in person - she left me speechless.

I have asked her coach, Mr. Oleg Solovey about the occasion. She was deliberately not registered for the individual categories. As he expressed, she was only competing again because of their very good relation with the organizer team and the Hungarians, so she was participating for their sake.

For my question about if we will ever see Katya competing again, he simply answered:

See the fight on youtube at

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