Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 Battle of Utrecht 2015 Report
Newsletter 3/2015
Battle of Utrecht 2015 Report

The Battle of Utrecht 2015 was held on 4 October 2015 in Utrecht Netherlands. The event took place in the centre of Utrecht in the same sports hall were the first International Competition Course was held in June 2015.

This year present were clubs from Norway, Finland, England, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. All the European and World Champions of all the ITF organizations of the Netherlands took part in this tournament; they compete in sparring, pattern, pre-arranged and this year also in High Jump for youth-juniors and seniors. There were more than 55 umpires present who were working on 7 rings. Because the level of competing was high this tournament was a very good preparation for the European Championships at the end of October in Glasgow.

The Battle of Utrecht is one of the biggest and very competitive tournaments in the Netherlands and is a part of the “Master Series from ITF Netherlands”. Every year Master Denis from England, international Champion Mr. Lylian Doulay from France as well as the umpire Sabum Annick van Driessche from Belgium is present. And Master Coos v/d Heuvel the Vice-President of All Europe Taekwon-Do Federation visited us as well.

We always have a lottery for the audience. The lucky persons received very nice prizes; Taekwon-Do doboks, sweaters, money gift vouchers, the famous Taekwon-Do book "Art of Taekwon-Do" written by the Grandmasters and sponsored by the MightyFist distributor of Elite Fighters and also Dutch Taekwon-Do book from Academie Gelderland. Master Willy v/d Mortel with his club won this year the overall trophy for best schools.

Next year we have a new name “The ITF Battle“ and it will take place on 2nd October 2016.

It will be a perfect preparation for the ITF World Taekwon-Do Cup which will be held on 12-16th October 2016 in Budapest, Hungary.

Be there!!!
Master James Tjin-A-Ton

ITF Netherland.

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