Newsletter Newsletter 3/2015 Taekwondix International Course for Instructors
Newsletter 3/2015
Taekwondix International Course for Instructors

Polish Taekwon-Do Association has the pleasure to invite you to Taekwondix – the International Course for Instructors to be held on 16th – 17th January 2016 in the Sport Hall „Spartan” in Wroclaw, Poland.

The Taekwondix system is the world of fun without the brutality and aggression – it is the art of teaching Taekwon-Do in a funny way and a perfect method to motivate the youngest students to put more efforts during the training sessions.

Taekwondix was created and improved by Mr. Andrzej Undro, 4th Degree, the President and the Head coach of Wroclaw Sport Academy, who will conduct the seminar. The club’s website:

The course fee is 25 Euro which covers 12 hours of seminars as well as the teaching materials.

If you really want to inspire yourself in finding many new innovative and interesting methods of teaching Taekwon-Do with the use of different games, this course is for you. You will not see it anywhere else.

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