Following a two years gap, due to the pandemic, ITF Taekwon-Do shined successfully at the 6th edition of the NI-KKO ROMA OPEN with 540 athletes coming from 19 nations, held in Rome, Italy, on March 19th, 2023.

Athletes from Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine, Hungary, USA and Italy, from kids to veterans, competed at their best level on the Palatorrino mats in pattern, sparring and special techniques (only for Children and Cadets).

Thanks to many supporters, the cheering from the stands was great, the competitive spirit and the fair play shown by all made the day as a festival of sport and martial arts.

The referees were unrivaled officiating in a day full of matches, long, but well scheduled thanks to the competition management by Sabum Mikhail Vorontsov “who sees all and provides for all”.

The event was organized by the ExtremeFighters team, made by GM Wim Bos, Master Leandro Iagher, Master Stefano Minotti, Sabum Paolo Gentile and Ms. Tiziana Mimmocchi, who did a great organizational job cooperating with the company NI-KKO SPORT, official sponsor of the event, and with FITAE-ITF (Italian Federation Taekwon-Do ITF).

The organizers were very pleased to welcome 8 Ukrainian Clubs, with high-level male and female athletes, driven by the desire to travel and overcome the difficult moment that the nation is facing. Amazing to receive competitors from Taiwan, Argentina and USA, besides the European countries.

The atmosphere was friendly and enjoyable, characterized by the pleasure of meeting old friends and having the opportunity to build new friendships. That’s the thing of international competitions, taking the chance to share and exchange thoughts and experiences to open our minds and eyes to other cultures and ways of living Taekwon-Do.

In between the competitions there was the presentation of the book “TAEKWON-DO” written by GM Wim Bos, in English, Spanish and Korean terminology. A monumental and meticulous work to detail every single movement of the 24 ITF patterns created by Gen. Choi Hong Hi, with 2.000 color photos and explanations, a milestone in the didactic-informative editions about the ITF Tuls.

The ranking of the clubs was drawn to the last and in the end the trophies were delivered to:

    1.Taekwon-Do Sardinia

    2.Crew Fighters

    3.Extreme Fighters

Download: Ranking of participating countries and clubs

Download: All results

Mr. Emanuel Sanguigni, the official photographer of the event, tireless and present on all squares, is publishing the best shots on his Facebook page, available for download.

A great acknowledgement to all Umpires for their endless effort, they can undoubtedly say: “I was there!”. We look forward to just as many for the next edition, an international experience that certainly deserves a higher participation and will be a stimulus for many.

A heartfelt thank you to all the staff, parents and students who made themselves available with enthusiasm and made it possible to conduct the event as scheduled.

The date for the 7th edition in 2024 will be confirmed shortly, hoping that it will bring again many friends and colleagues to Rome for a weekend to remember.

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