We are starting the third decade of central Taekwon-do winter camps. In just two months, the 21st edition of this camp will start in Szczyrk, which combines TKD training with winter pleasures, i.e. skiing. At the beginning, the organizers and instructors were guided by the idea of equalizing the level of TKD in Poland. Now when this level is not so diverse, we focus more on innovation in the approach to general and specialized training, while emphasizing the self-defense qualities of TKD. According to the principle, it’s nice to feel the taste of victory at the competitions, but sport will end one day and it’s worth staying with skills that go far beyond sport. It is these skills that will be a sufficient magnet for you to come to classes after the end of your sports career. It is thanks to them you will feel special and you will always feel the respect of the younger ones. It is these skills that will build mental solidity in you, thanks to which you will easily understand that TKD can be trained regardless of age.

Our camp means also a nice atmosphere in the dojangs and slopes, the atmosphere which we all build together from the beginning. It is also age and national diversity. Every year, tkd students of different ages and from many different countries come to us, which is why it is also a great opportunity to build openness in yourself, establish new relationships and improve foreign languages.

You can count on trainers who, as always, will devote as much time to you as possible. All the instructors are old school instructors with great experience always ready to help. They are driven by their passion for Taekwon-do and the awareness that you are its future.

Next year’s camp, which will take place on January 20-26, will be another TKD celebration for both you participants and us instructors. We cordially invite you to Szczyrk. I am sure that together we will make this 21st Central Winter TKD Camp unforgettable!

Below is a link to dozens of camp photos from recent years editions published in the Facebook profile of Polish Taekwon-Do Association:

We also invite you to read some reports from previous editions of the Winter Taekwon-Do Camp in Szczyrk:






We also encourage you to watch the video footage of the previous editions of the Winter camp.





See you in Szczyrk in 2023

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