Report on the Participation of the President of the AETF in the Taekwondo Prequalifying Championships for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

On March 8th, the president of AETF, Master Leo Oros Duek, was invited by the Secretary General of WT, Mr. Jeongkang Seo, to attend the Prequalifying Championship for the Paris 2024 Olympics in Sofia, Bulgaria. This qualifying tournament included a “Para-Taekwondo” competition, directed by Mr. Olof Hansson, making this invitation of great importance to Master Leo Oros Duek, who also serves as the Former Chairman of the ITF’s Adapted Taekwon-Do Committee.

During the event, Master Oros Duek had the honour of meeting the highest authorities of ETU, including Mr. Sakis Pragalos (President), Mr. Slavi Binev (Vice President), Mr. Fred Buitenhuis (Vice President), and Mr. Antonio Barbarino (Secretary General). The meeting was characterized by a cordial and productive lunch, where ideas and coincidences were shared among the parties.

Subsequently, Master Leo Oros Duek had the opportunity to witness the “Para-Taekwondo” competition and confirm the quality of the event. His prominent presence in this prequalifying championship reinforces AETF’s commitment to the development and promotion of Adapted Taekwon-Do at the international and European levels specifically.

This invitation underscores the importance of exchange between the main Taekwondo organizations worldwide, as well as the commitment of the president of AETF, and treasurer of ITF, to foster the participation and growth of Adapted Taekwon-Do in internationally relevant events.

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